There are new furniture paint lines popping up, what seems like almost daily! I paint a LOT of furniture. For the last five years I’ve painted over 1,000 pieces of furniture a year – by hand. There’s a lot I don’t know….but I DO know paint! I’ve used almost every line out there….and there are some great options available….but there are some things to look closely at before you choose a line…..I’m gonna share my vast knowledge here. =D

Most people assume the new products that come out are chalk paint…..no sanding and no priming necessary. This is NOT the case! There’s quite a bit of fine print on each product line label that you really need to read before choosing a line.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that here at Rethunk Junk, we have our own line of furniture paint that we have worked hard to make fabulous. It IS fabulous. We LOVE it! It’s NOT a chalk paint – no powder base to it at all. This sets us apart in some wonderful ways. I would never ever trash another product line – but it’s time for us to explain exactly how fabulous Rethunk Junk Furniture Paint is, and why we formulated our own products!

Here are the questions we’re asked most often….

1. Can I really start my project without sanding?? I wish people would actually read the fine print on other paint lines. They say no sanding and no priming – and then have a whole page of instructions on what grit sandpaper to use when you “don’t sand”…and what the best primer is for the “no priming” step. Really?? With Rethunk Junk paint, we have a cleaning product for you to use (the Prep) and you actually DON”T sand and you DON”T prime!!! You “Prep” and paint.

2. Will it cover in one coat?
You can always quit after one coat….if that’s the look you want. =D Lots of lines that advertise one coat will cover and then they have fine print about the dry time before you start your second coat. With Rethunk Junk paint we tell you up front – it’s gonna take two coats. You want your piece to be beautiful? Two coats.

3. What’s the dry time with your products?
There are more than a few paint lines out there that require 12 to 24 hours dry time before you can add a 2nd coat, before you can wax, before you can glaze and before you can touch it. Not the case with Rethunk Junk paint! There is no way on earth I could paint 1,000 plus pieces of furniture per year (and be the incredible spouse and mother and upstanding citizen I am) if our paint didn’t dry quick as a wink. Turn on a fan – and you can get your piece dry in 20-30 minutes tops! This is also what allows us to teach a paint class in two hours; you paint a piece of furniture in our class and you take it home completed. Most other paint lines allow you to complete an 8 inch piece of molding! They can’t offer the furniture option because there isn’t enough time to complete it! Unless you bring jammmies!

4. Do I have to wax my piece?
Um…..we would like to respectfully scream NO!!! One of the main reasons we were driven to develop Rethunk Junk paint was the issue of waxing. We have learned, after years of trying all options out there, that waxing is very labor intensive – no fun at all – and does not stay on your piece if you actually want to do something crazy like USE your piece. Our paint actually has sealer in it, so you can paint and be DONE!!! Want the look of waxing? We GLAZE our pieces. Super easy – super fast – and super beautiful! Our Rethunk Junk glaze also contains sealer, so you ‘re sealing as you glaze. We also offer a product that allows you to mix a custom glaze with any of our 20 paint colors! Additionally, we offer a commercial grade polyurethane for sealing high use pieces.

5. What about all the special effects products? Crackle? Dust? Plaster? Etc.
We have purposely kept our Rethunk Junk line fast and simple! Want those looks? Grab the product at a craft store and go for it. Rethunk Junk products are compatible with those, but remember, if it takes them 2 hours to demo that technique on a small piece of molding, how long will it take you to get that look on a piece of furniture? That being said, you can get some fabulous looks with our paint line!!

6. How safe are your products?
We have giggled at the “safe” products being marketed out there that recommend specific types of face masks, gloves and actually warn users the risk of respiratory issues. They also tell you to make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area. Why such a warning? It’s kinda scary. Rethunk Junk products have virtually no odor at all, and are completely safe to use. They are all water based! My kids swear one of our colors tastes like egg nog. (yes – they tasted it! I wouldn’t say they are perfectly fine – but I am quite sure they were a little off BEFORE the taste test -!)

7. What brushes should I use?
We just recommend that you use a nice quality brush. We offer non-expensive options. Using a good brush will bring about a fabulous finished piece.

Bottom line? We LOVE to paint – we want you to LOVE to paint. We want your experience to be a positive one. So whether you choose our Rethunk Junk product line (great choice) or another one, please read ALL the fine print and make sure you’re getting what you THINK you’re getting!

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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    When I purchased your paint, I was also got the sealer. But I can’t find a tutorial on how to use it? I didn’t want a glaze look – can you help me?

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      the sealer is applied the same way you apply the tuff top products – it’s clear – not a glaze look – apply with a brush and smooth with a stain pad. no fan on this product – use enough to completely cover – don’t overwork it – really easy and should self level.

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      yes it does :) follow the steps – prep twice…..paint….seal with tuff top….and they do hold up. i have five kids – it’s gotta be durable :)

  2. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I have a 3 piece wall unit that’s made of solid oak that I would like to paint your linen color. The problem is the previous owners smoked. I used TSP to clean it. Someone recommended I should shellac it first to seal in the smell. What are your recommendations? Thank you!

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      i’d use our Prep to clean it – that will help tremendously – plus its incredible for preparing the wood for painting. if it still smells after that i’d ask Home Depot- they have a spray that works wonders. i’d only seal it as a last resort – cause that’s a lot of extra work and i’m kinda lazy – haha also remember that the paint itself will seal it too

  3. Anne Bruetsch
    Anne Bruetsch says:

    I have a 6 seat dining room table and 6 chairs that I am wanting to refinish with your paint. It’s an oak wood table and I am wanting to refinish in the Semi-Sweet color.
    How much rethunk junk paint do you think I will need in order to fully cover each piece?

  4. Darlene Jones
    Darlene Jones says:

    I bought the stain and paint to do my kitchen table and chairs. Staining only the table top painting everything else. Should I stain or paint first?

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      stain first…you can paint over the stain if it gets somewhere…..but you can’t stain over the paint if IT drips somewhere – does that make any sense at all? hope so!

  5. Tauna Tucker
    Tauna Tucker says:

    I have used Valspar Furniture paint on my dining room table. It does not have the “depth” that I would like. Can I use your glaze over it?


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