26 years

ive shared a little of this in the past…..and im hoping the three of you that read it and the two of you that actually remember a wee bit of it will forgive me…..but im sharing again since may is my anniversairy month.   (actually….may is a big month for me…..mothers day….anniversairy ….and my birthday is may 30th….i have explained to my dear spouse that these are THREE SEPERATE and distinct gift giving occasions!!!)  =D    so since may is the month-o-love for me….i thought i would share a bit about meeting tom and our first three dates……should make most of you feel like extremely gifted and highly functioning people in comparison!


this is a rarely shared photo from our honeymoon.   notice several things here…..1 the blurred and aged look since the photo is so incredibly old.   2    the fact that i did indeed used to have one chin AND cheekbones visible to the naked eye.   3   the “look of love” which is hard to see since its a side view….but you should be able to just FEEL the love looking at this photo.   4   our  cutting edge 1980s fashion statements!


so now that you know there is a happy ending here….tom and i did indeed tie the knot….let me tell you about our initial courtship issues…..



tom and i met in 10th grade in biology class.  he was (and still is) tall, dark and handsome!   and when he offered to pithe my frog as we started the dissecting unit, i knew i was in love. (guess the movie wouldn’t have been the same if the quote were “you had me at pithe”, huh?)   anywho…..our first date was going to the movie theater to see E.T.   i wore my kelly green pants and my pink belt and my best polo with the teeny green frogs on it.  i was dressed to impress, dontcha think???   tom showed up to pick me up in his huge black pick up truck (and jeans and a white polo (no frogs) ) and off we went.   after a lovely time at the movies he takes me home and walks me up to the door to say goodnight.  no kiss…..a rather stiff handshake…..and off he walks to his car.  im heading inside dreamily humming the E.T. theme song while my parents look at me like im nuts and we hear a knock on the dooor.   dad answers.   “yes son?”   um…..frank….sir….i think i locked my keys in my car.   and so as mom and i watch out the window and giggle a little, dad goes out to the driveway with  tom to help him unlock his vehicle.


second date…..not even sure where we went…..just remember that it was fabulous and the evening ended similarly…..stiff handshake (he was so adorable and respectful….and scared to death my parents were looking out some window watching us)  =D    i head inside humming   something like the bridal  march (ha) and we hear a knock  at the door.  dad answers, “yes son?”  um…..(throat clearing)  frank, sir…i think i need a jump.   and so as mom and i watch out the window and giggle a little, dad goes out to the driveway with tom to figure out the battery situation and get his car started.


third date….again…not sure exactly where we went….but am again quite certain it was fabulous.  and yes….the evening ended similarly.    stiff handshake from adorable respectfull frightened handsome man i am dating and i head inside humming something like “going to the chapel”  haha and we hear a knock on the door.  yep.  again.  this time?  well let me preface this with the fact that we  grew up in a really cool house NOT in a subdivision. it was out on its own….no house or neighbors nearby.  so keep that in mind as you read this next part.   tom comes to the door….no wait…..RUNS to the door and knocks….no BANGS on the door.   dad answers….”yes son?”   FRANK!   someone has STOLEN my car!!!!   and we look out to the driveway, and he has a point.   his car is not there.   well this is a mystery to everyone but tom who is convinced there is a grand theft auto ring on the property.   mom and dad and i , on the other hand, are wondering #1  who would be around to steal toms car….and #2  who would really want his 1976 chvy chevette that bad?   and so as mom and i watch out the window and she asks if this is REALLY the boy i think im going to choose….dad calmy tells tom he will help him find his car.  dad then strolls to the end of the driveway with mom and i following closely and tom …..chattering about being robbed and danger nearby and the woes of replacing his “ride”…..right behind us.   dad looks to the left….where the driveway slopes toward the road and points and says….”tom?    found your car son.”    we all look and tom turns the loveliest shade of red i have ever seen as he looks and sees his car…..in our front yard….rammed into a tree.   he has…..as we look at the situattion…..forgotten to put his car in park and it has rolled down the driveway and kept onn going until it hit a tree in our front yard.   he’s three for three wouldnt you say???  and after those three dates…yes…..i went on a fourth  (volunteered to drive but tom saw no hummor in that!)  ha!

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      ha! you are right! i never even made that connection!! guess i am consistently dysfunctional. and i’ll be rubbing THAT in tom’s nose. heehee btw….great to see you again…..still looking for your bag of goodies.


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