A little heat, maybe???!

So…..we have enjoyed some really warm pretty days ….but then about the time I get all happy about warmer weather we have a cold snap. Yesterday was one of those cold days. Made me think of my wonderful husband…..who happens to be extremely frugal (read: cheap as all get out!). We’re constantly discussing (read: fighting like cats and dogs) the temperature in our home. I would like something above 50 degrees….and he insists that with a simple cardigan (read: 15 layers and a parka) we’d all be extremely comfortable. It is at this point that I remind him of an example that helps most people (read: everyone with a brain) see things my way.

We are living in KY and just have two kids…ages 2 and 4. Talk about a cold snap! We get snow like crazy!! And it’s freezing outside!!! Well the girls want to play in the snow but they have been dealing with little colds and runny noses lately and I’m worried that being outside will only make that worse. (read: I don’t want to go outside and freeze my booty off!). Well close to the end of the day, they have asked so often that we feel bad, (read: we’re sick of hearing them whine) and tom says he has a super idea. So, I bundle up the girls so it seems like they are actually going outside, and take them to the playroom in the basement, and tom comes down a couple minutes later with several cookie sheets full of snow. We spread out a trash bag to keep the rug dry and tell the girls to have fun! They are thrilled and we are genius’! We head upstairs and sit down to relax. About an hour later, I realize I have not seen the girls…..so i go downstairs to check on them. They are perfectly fine. Happy as can be….one HOUR later….as they play INSIDE our home….with the snow that has STILL NOT MELTED!!! To his credit, tom admitted that we might should turn the heat up just a bit!! You think?????

Another quick example….again involving heat in the winter. (As I recall, the Ingalls family on Little House On The Prarie had a heat source in their home…..seems we should be able to get something going in ours!!!). Well….in this particular home the only acceptable way to arrange the bedroom was for the bed to be under the window. Early in our marriage..no money for anything superfluous like a headboard…so at night, we’d watch tv or read leaning back against the window and then snuggle in. One morning, tom woke up in a panic yelling for me to help him. “Something has attacked me in the night Laura!!! I can’t get up….and my head is killing me!” What honey???? “I’m serious Laura….worst headache of my life and I can’t sit up….i think something attacked me during the night!!! it’s like I’m…..oh….um….(he, at this point, realizes what has happened)….er….could you help me just a little here?” As I look over, I see what he has discovered….and all I can do is laugh. Based on the lack of heat in our home….the window behind our bed has frosted on the INSIDE and tom’s head is now frozen to the window….causing a slurpy-head-like headache. Ha! Hahaha! I briefly consider ripping hair out as I jerk him from his scary captor, the cold window….but opt instead for warm water and lots and lots of “I told you so’s….and…you have no one but yourself to blames”. :).

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