a vegetable girl???

emma came out to the shop yesterday after school to “chat”.  i swear she cracks me up!  here was our conversation…..


yes emma?

did you know my teacher is a vegetable girl?

a what?

a vegatable girl…..you know…..she doesn’t eat any meat.  and mom…..that’s dangerous.  she’s gonna die you know….we HAVE to have meat to be healthy!

well em….i think she can be pretty healthy without meat.

uh…mom….i don’t agree.  i mean look at it…..the whole reason animals were created was for us to eat them!  but not cats or dogs cause they are cute and that would just be gross.  ALL the things at petsmart dont’ count.  but the OTHER animals….well ok – not bears or tigers ….ok – the zoo stuff doesn’t count either.  you know what….let’s just talk about cows right now, k?  just cows.  so cows were made for us to eat.  how else would mcdonalds get their hamburgers?

(i did not explain that beef and mcdonalds burgers probly have NOTHING at all in common!  haha)

emma continues:

so here’s how it goes mom….a farmer grows cows.  then a hunter comes and shoots one and then he cooks it up and puts it in those little yellow packages with clear plastic on them and drives them to kroger.  then WE go get a package and pop it in the microwave and BOOM!  meat!  and then….we don’t die!  and mom…i have a question…..WHY do they call it hunting?  the guy just goes into the field and shoots the cow and there usually aren’t even any trees around…..doesn’t seem like he has to do much hunting to me.  but anyway can i have an afterschool snack?  and NO – i don’t want meat…i’m thinking i’ll be a vegetable girl like my teacher and have a cookie.  k?  love you!

and she runs off.  i am exhausted from listening and pretty amused too!  i am thinking her train of thought comes from her FATHER!

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