all grown up???

my baby…..my wee baby….my little bitty baby lindsey has somehow….when i wasn’t looking…turned 18….and graduated from high school and is planning on starting college in one week.   how the heck did this happen????  how did she manage to morph from my tiny little three pound six ounce baby girl who slept in her daddy’s cowboy hat and wore cabbage patch doll clothes till she grew into preemie clothes….to….a stunningly beautiful young woman ready to tackle college and start the path towards her chosen career….and inevitably, the path that leads to leaving me and being on her own???  and how can all this happen when i am only 23 years old myself????  there is so much i just don’t understand!    =D

check out this link to see how linz has grown   –  pretty awesome!!


one thing we have done lately is some reminiscing about lindsey’s “school days”.  some of the things we discussed i CLEARLY remember…some were definately news to me.   thought i would share my top two favorites….

the one i clearly remember….

lindsey has always been an animal lover….remember her first couple years of life as a cat???  well we have lived in a couple rural areas and there was one year when she was in about third grade that i learned just how far her love of animals extended.  i opened her lunchbox one morning to repack it for the day and out slithered a SNAKE!  you should know by now how i feel about snakes..and lindsey DEFINATELY knew how i feel about snakes.  after recovering enough to be able to use my voice and my limbs again, i screamed for her to come help me off the kitchen counter – ha!  and to get the daggum snake OUT OF MY HOUSE….and to EXPLAIN!!!  well seems that there were a group of boys at recess that hunted down and basically tortured snakes.  linz felt compelled to be the “reptile ambassador” and save them all.  so i turned the lunch packing chores over to tom that year.  about once a week i’d hear him exclaim “oh my”  or  “that’s a biggie” or “yuck”….and i knew that there was a nasty ole snake in my daughter’s lunchbox that day.  some made it (bleck!) and some had injuries they could not endure (dare i say “yee haw!”??) but those little reptiles spent their last moments knowing someone cared.  =D

the one i did NOT recall….

high school…..junior year in fact…..not that long ago…..my linz was partnered with another student and they were asked by the science teacher to head outside and collect  – with the provided Qtips – a sample of pollen that they would then examine under the microscope…and presumably learn all about.   so linz and her partner politely head out to collect the required sample.  as they exit the building they decide the arctic temperatures are more than they can bear.   now anyone that knows lindsey know that this could mean it was a chilly 68 degrees.  could have been a lovely spring day.  april…may….my child is always cold.  the rest of us are sitting naked at the dinner table with the a/c on full blast sipping frozen drinks and wondering when the heat will break and lindsey will pop in with her winter coat on complaining about the chill created by our frozen drinks.  what the??  but anywho…..she decided the frigid springtime day is more than she can handle and she and her lab partner collect their sample ever so quickly.  as they smear it on the slide, slip it under the microscope, and start showing the class, the teacher comes over to take a peek.  she is stunned and thrilled at the unique pollen sample they have gathered.  she exclaims to the class that they have discovered something wonderful.  she asks questions and congratulates them and saves the slide to show other classes.   as they leave the lab linz and her partner are very very proud of their work.  they have “discovered” exactly what most of us discover with a Qtip…..a disgusting sample of …..ear wax!   in order to get back inside in record time linz came up with the brilliant idea to collect her sample of “pollen” from her very own ear.  no braving the elements or searching for actual pollen required.   what a proud mother i am! ??

so to offset the cost of college looming in our immediate future…..we would like to respectfully demand that you purchase one or all of the following pieces!!  =D

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