Almost dang it!!

Soooooooo close!!! Oh so close!!! Just another 3-4 feet! You know lately I’ve done some “sharing” about toms crazy car key issues? Well I have a few vehicle issues of my own. My minivan ( read: ancient rolling trash can on wheels )…. has a couple of glitches of its own. I keep telling my husband that steering and a transmission should not be optional on a vehicle! I can be driving down the road and-especially if I’m heading up a hill – the van will not shift past first gear….um….and it’s an automatic!! And occasionally….it’s a surprise so you never know when….the steering will just go out. No ability to turn. None. (I’m gonna give you a minute to just quietly contemplate that…. and how sorry you feel for me!!) ha! My children seem to think that the steering and transmission issues are no big deal….as they are MUCH more hacked off about the fact that the radio has been broken for about 6 months.   i personally feel that based on the generation gap when it comes to music taste…that may be one of the few positives our van has!!  and then there is MY frustration of having all the plugger-inner things broken.  i cannot charge anything!!!  phone battery low?  too bad!  want to charge and use a GPS?  outta luck!   Add to that the dents that have been recently added and the normal wear and tear that five children create as they ride and eat and sleep in there and I’m about ready for something NEW!!! But atlas…this one runs and so why replace it, right……????? Well just about 2 weeks ago there was a storm….and this is what we saw when we woke up. Neighbors tree fell. Man! I should have been feeling compassionate and worried for him….but all I could think was “sooooo close!
“oh so close! Just another 3-4 feet and my van could have been UNDER that whole branch!!!!

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