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  I have five children. Well six if you count my spouse. Ha! Four girls and a boy. They range in age from 11 to 22. I thought they were high maintenance when they were little. I remember being overwhelmed when I had number three cause I could grab one with my right hand and […]

Family Road Trip

So this past week my grandfather passed away.  He was 96.  He was an incredible example of what he wishes his grandkids to be…..faithful – honest and hardworking.   I was blessed enough to be able to attend his funeral with my husband and three of my five kids.  This little blog story is about […]

Father’s Day the Whitlow Way….

Fathers Day……oh my! This past weekend was Father’s Day. I imagine most of us were either celebrating with or thinking of the men in our lives that fill that role. The men that taught us, shaped us, and helped make us who we are. Well that’s what the Whitlow household was doing too. Only we […]

Birthday Lunacy…..

May 30, 2016.   Today I am 50 years old. That seems impossible.   This birthday is something I have thought about quite a bit – for some reason 50 seems like …well… an important number.   That’s the only rational explanation I can come up with for my lunatic behavior this week.   The happy little picture […]

what a crazy plan!!

I’m gonna need your input on this one….this – in my humble opinion – seems to be the height of dysfunction – but I won’t tell you that yet so you can be completely objective and totally unswayed by my correct and perfect assessment of the following situation. This involves a little “discussion” I am […]

my reality show ideas!

i recently posted a blog entry and had someone – someone really really nice with really really low standards – comment that i should be on tv. well….i got to thinking…hey! there could be some options there….i COULD indeed be the star of a tv show. i have much to offer the world. lots that […]

the search……

JOB HAZARDS…. smile emoticon so i went and helped with a paint class last night in Ringgold, GA. went to Ringgold Feed & Seed. great store if you’re anywhere close enough to check it out! i usually look like a hot mess cause i’m covered with paint and even on the days when i “dress […]

The JOYS??? of a Pedicure….

So we’re traveling to Texas tomorrow. We’re meeting with some new retailers….doing some demo’s…..looking for new stores. I’m so excited….and a little stressed. I can’t lose 150 pounds by tomorrow…..so I decided I would get my toes done….get me a pedicure. Not that anyone will be looking at my toes this week…but it’s gonna be […]