I have five children. Well six if you count my spouse. Ha! Four girls and a boy. They range in age from 11 to 22. I thought they were high maintenance when they were little. I remember being overwhelmed when I had number three cause I could grab one with my right hand and one with my left hand and that still left one “running free”! I remember thinking things were about as crazy as they could get one day when Tom was on a business trip…and I had just had that number three kiddo. So I have kids zero and not quite 2 and not quite 4. I’m sitting on my bed trying to feed the newborn while i change the diaper on the not quite 2 year old as the not quite four year old hangs in on my neck crying for her sippy cup to be filled with juice AGAIN. The urge to run away from home was pretty darn intense. So I must say I am enjoying the experience of getting to know my offspring as they grow up and turn into pretty cool people. It’s awesome. And then they have a setback….

Not long ago I went to Utah for business. Before I left I went to my favorite thrift store and purchased some things to Rethunk. Those things happened to be delivered while I was gone. I had completely forgotten about those purchases. So to back up a bit…there has been a running discussion among all of us adults (translation- “ongoing fight where it’s me against the whole stinkin’ family!”) They want a big ole tv in the front room over the fireplace. I-on the other hand-want no tv in the front room at all. It’s a place where I want to sit and visit without any distractions. Someday my dream will come true and we will sit in the living room together and share thoughts and ideas and opinions on current events etc. No one will be dressed in sweats with hair askew and morning breath. But of course before that ever happens I’m gonna have to change out of my sweats and brush my hair and teeth. Bah ha ha.

Anywho…. I chose a fabulous fabulous frame at the thrift store before I left. And it happened to be one of the things they delivered. I would like to announce publicly that I purchased this piece of art FOR THE FRAME. Here is the text I get from my 18 year old Katie -(names have not been changed because no one is innocent or deserves to be protected in any way!)

“The family is so glad we decided against getting the wide screen TV mom. Sometimes things just work out for the best! #blessed”

These are the photos attached to that text.





My family has – in my absence – removed everything from the mantle in the front room of our home. Who knows where those tasteful and lovely decor items even are!!?? And they have replaced my carefully chosen pieces with….the frame I purchased at the thrift store….which has in it the piece of art depicting naked flying baby cherubs complete with bows and arrows. It is sitting in the middle of my mantle. In my front room. And i am in Utah. Far away. Unable to jerk that thing down and fix my mantle. How do I respond to my dear Katie? Well I say the only thing appropriate at this moment.


I then explain to my family in a very mature way that the hotel I have chosen on this trip is less than deluxe accommodations and that I am looking forward to coming home to my own bed and a “cherub-less” mantle. Katie’s response?

“We have the perfect picture for your hotel room mom. Beautifully painted realistic cherubs in a hand carved golden frame. No amount of stress can overcome the peace this painting brings wherever it is!”

I try really hard to join in the funny funny situation here and say “well with the addition of the cherubic artwork there is truly no place like home.” Katie’s response?

“Dad needs the blessing of peace that the painting brings to calm the stress of just realizing he sat in his pop tart all the way to work”. This text came complete with a photo to illustrate the calamity.




Matthew then texts me to announce that if the angels in heaven are all under aged, naked, and armed, he’s not sure he really needs to end up in heaven-which frees him up to do whatever he wants to in this life.

All thru this little event I have been texting my dear spouse to get him to fix my mantle and then to express my condolences over the sad pop tart affair. He has not responded once. So I say to Katie…..

“Dads gonna need more than that painting can accomplish if he keeps ignoring his wife!” Katie’s response?

“He’s not ignoring you. His phone is messing up. We’ve been composing each text together. The spirit of dad is in each text I send. Also the spirit of the cherubs. Let them bring you peace.”

At this point I completely crack up and realize I am lucky to have such a fun and witty family. How awesome it is to have kids that are spending their morning texting their mother. To have a family that laughs together. And for this first time since this little experiment started, I completely agree with Katie….. #blessed!! Very very blessed!

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  1. Caryn
    Caryn says:

    HAHA truly enjoyed that!! I have 3 adult (?) daughters that love to laugh and tease me endlessly and I too say I am blessed, very very blessed!!


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