It’s in our blood!!

It’s just in our blood!

So for almost five years I have been working on running this little.business where we repaint, repurpose, and recreate furniture and accessories. Just last week we made a child’s table and chair set from table leaves, foot boards, table legs and baby crib pieces. I love using unusual pieces in different ways. Sometimes I wonder if any of my children will ever be interested…like I am….in working on this little venture. Do they think like I do? Wait….that would actually be kinda scary! Can they think outside the box and use something for a purpose other than it was intended for? And then I realize…..of course they can!!! Any one of them!!! Here are some examples of how my dear family members repurpose everyday items…

1. Lindsey….. She can repurpose leggings! She slips those puppies on and uses them as actual pants! Yes, she is a size negative 12. Yes, she is adorable. But I grew up looking at my own rear end and knowing with all my heart that leggings were designed to go UNDER something. Linz, on the other hand, has no trouble at all donning a pair and repurposing them into trousers.

2. Megan….I’ll be getting back to her…..she wins the award this month!

3.. Katie….oh she can repurpose alright! She has repurposed almost every horizontal surface in her room into a “dresser”. Clothes are stored (read “tossed”) on every surface possible. In fact, she has also repurposed her dresser drawers into very useful empty storage containers. Go Katie!!

4. Matthew….I realized he could repurpose,when I watch him take almost anything in the house and use like a sword or toss it around his sisters heads like nun chucks. He can repurpose even the most peaceful things into a weapon. Feather? Bottom can poke the snot out of a sister. Cotton ball? Those little fibers can really irritate ones eyeballs. Ranch dressing? (His favorite). Run at a sister with even a smidge on your finger and it might as well be acid!

5. Emma….as with the rest of the family, Emma can repurpose in the most creative ways imaginable, She can actually repurpose her fingers into what she feels is a perfectly acceptable hair brush! This allows her to run her fingers thru her hair and never actually brush her hair. The repurposed “finger brush” can take the place of an actual hair brush until tom and I notice that small animals and possibly a bird or two have jumped on the bandwagon and repurposed their homes right onto Emma’s head!

6. And tom….I will give credit where credit is due! He is a repurposer extraordinaire!!!! How, you ask? As he repurposes our anniversairy into “just another day.” As he repurposes our headboard into a ledge for holding snacks and two liters of soda. As he repurposes a “to do” list from me into a wadded up coaster under his current two liter. As he repurposes the corner of the bedroom into a dirty clothes hamper. And to think….it all comes naturally to him!!

And now to megan….who wins the award for all time. It was Christmas Day. Santa comes to our house and one of his traditions is leaving all the kids new panties in their stockings. (Matthew especially loves this tradition. Bah ha ha). So here is what I see after asking megan to take the hash brown casserole out of the oven.

Yes….she has repurposed underwear….panties!! Into pot holders to protect her hands as she removes the food from the oven. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I will say I have done some pretty creative repurposing…..but panties into pot holders? Megan wins! Hands down!

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  1. denise stell
    denise stell says:

    Laura this post made me laugh.We miss visiting with ya’ll.We never knew what zany event was going on.Sarah does the same thing with her clothes. And I remember how carefree Emma is,never knew what attire she was going to greet us with at the door: :-) ,


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