Can’t believe it’s almost here….

It’s November. Yipes! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Yipes! Its almost Black friday!! yipes! Then it’s all about Christmas. Yipes!

The Christmas season seems so busy….and I sometimes wonder if I really celebrate the way I should. Gift giving can get stressful and out of control. Now I’m not saying I disagree with the bible…or think I know more than the three wise men…but a couple of years ago Emma (my seven year old) and I were discussing the Christmas story. She was all over envisioning the stable …and you could see the light in her eyes as she thought about Mary snuggling little baby Jesus….and then we got to the the part where the wise men came. And she looked a bit confused… Troubled even.

What’s wrong Emma? Well…uh….mom? Yes honey? I know what gold is….but What is frankincense and what is myhrr? So we discussed that. She still looked a bit confused. What’s wrong Emma? Well mom….it seems to me like those were weird presents for a baby. Shouldn’t somebody have brought Mary a casserole? Or some diapers? Or a blanket?

She wasn’t beng disrespectful…..just practical. In her mind Mary was tired and probly hungry. And baby Jesus was little and cold in that stable. She was seriously thinking of needs. I thought it was adorable, And it was an awesome little example of how we should all approach gift giving. By really thinking of the other person…their life….and their needs.

Now here’s the part where I should be throwing in a sales pitch about all the stuff I have that you could purchase that would make great gifts…but I feel a little shallow doing that. :) So let me just say this…..no one really says “merry Christmas…here’s a buffet!” So in an attempt to try to think like Emma…I am adding accessories and fun smaller things that would be perfect for gift giving. Little things to help you show someone you care. Still have gobs of furniture (gold, frankincense and myhrr) …just trying to add some smaller things (diapers casseroles and blankets). So as you do your shopping, stop by Woodstock market and check out the options ….
(And ask at the front desk…you can purchase rethunk junk gift certificates in any amount you’d like!)
Happy shopping!!

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