changed my mind….

so last post i compared myself to “other” moms….and quite frankly i came up short on all counts.    well….i have now changed my mind.  i am going to have to admit that i am – most likely – the world’s best mom.  amazing.  selfless.  altruistic. (great vocab word!)  giving.  loving.  just …well….the world’s best mom!   why? you ask?

we have established in earlier posts that i am allergic to cats, right?  VERY allergic…..break out in hives allergic….eyes swell shut allergic…..sneeze my brains out allergic….EXTREMELY allergic.     and yet…..(see where we’re going with this, right??)   my 18 year old has wanted a cat basically since birth.  (in fact she WAS a cat for the first three years of her life – more on that in a sec…) and I GOT HER ONE!  thus qualifying me for the MOTHER OF THE YEAR award.  now she has promised to keep it in her room and do her own laundry (not enough of a perk to make it a worthwhile trade off…but a wee positive in the midst of the trauma  =D)  so we now have a kitten.  darn cute….watching how happy she makes my children ALMOST makes it all okay.   haha…the kids have decided Suki (kitties name) likes music and is a particular fan of Coldplay.   she is either extremely hyper or dead tired…no middle ground.  (fits in with all my other kids on that count! ha!) the kids totally hover over her and try to anticipate her every need….. in fact my 18 year old has built a “ladder” from boxes and blankets and trash cans so that the wee kitty can climb up to her bunk bed at night to sleep with her.   sooooo cute, huh?

so back to Lindsey herself being a kitty…..we moved from Lexington KY to Louisville KY when lindsey was 3 and i was pregnant with megan.   little lindsey seriously did pretend she was a cat 24/7.   she wouldn’t even come for dinner unless i called  “here kitty kitty…”  it was nuts.   so we move…and the women at church make a date to come “welcome” me.   i immediately forget this date.  and they show up at the door on the agreed upon date and since i had forgotten…they surprise me.   i answer at about noon….dressed in horrific pajamas….no personal grooming at all….feeling nauseous from the pregnancy so i myself am a lovely shade of green….and notice that the women are not really even looking at me.   they have wide eyes…and are staring behind me with extrememly disturbed looks on their faces. i turn to look at what is stressing them and see what they are looking at…. my three year old….lindsey….the CAT….has been lovingly “leashed” to the kitchen table leg and is on all fours lapping milk from a bowl.  what they see?   scary looking green woman who cant even dress herself by noon has tied her sweet child to the kitchen table and is making her eat off the floor!  and the more i try to explain, the more lame i sound…..”really…she is a cat….she ASKED me to tie her up….she LOVES eating like this….”    uh….right.   i just KNOW they are going to leave and call social services to come pick up my poor child.   took some time and some serious serious explaining….but i still have lindsey in our home and all is well.   Best mom ever, right????? =D