come play with me!!

i am making two announcements here….

first…after months and months of trial and error we have now perfected (and use exclusively ourselves) “The Paint”!!   our own rethunk junk Paint. (it needs to be capitalized when written and said reverently when spoken to ensure that it is given the respect it is due!)  ours is a three step process….The Prep (wipe on / wipe off….llike wax in the Karate Kid  – remember that movie??) and then you’re ready for The Paint  -slap on one of 14 awesome colors…and then The Polish used to protect and – if desired – age your piece.  voila!   any key words missing from those instructions????  why YES!  there is no need to SAND or PRIME!!!!  truly!   don’t believe me?  that brings me to my second piece of news!

they are awesome at Woodstock Market and have a room i can rent to ……teach classes!!!!  so…..i need to know if there are any takers out there and a general consensus of which works betters….days or evenings….  once i have ten of you ready to play we’ll schedule that first class.

details of class…. bring your own picture frame or small end table (i’ll have some dimensions soon cause i don’t want anyone pulling up a uhaul to unload their “small end table”  ha!   the class will include all brushes/supplies/sanders/rags/etc…..and in return you leave with a finished piece of furniture – a chunk of my amazing know-how and talent – and the class includes a bottle of The Prep and one quart of The Paint.  cost?  only $75 bucks!!!!

so email me or text me and let’s set up a play date!!!!!

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