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hard to believe….but my wedding anniversary is right around the corner.   in fact….may is a big month for me!  my anniversary is may 9th….there’s mothers day….and my birthday is may 30.   (i’ll give you all a moment to go mark your calendars…enter my birthday  into your phones….whatever is easiest so you remember).  haha  i have told my husband that those are THREE SEPERATE and individual gift giving occasions!  three!  not one!  he seems to think lumping them all together and running to walmart the eve before one of those dates suffices.   oh contrare!  THIS wedding anniversary is our TWENTY FIFTH!  yipes!   it’s getting harder for me to pretent i’m 21!    in checking things out on line, i discovered that the traditional gift for year 25 is silver.   but then i feel i deserve all the traditional previous gifts since they never materialized.   here’s the issue…..  tom and i took a little class once on “love languages”.  i find that one of mine is gifts!  presents!  stuff!   now before you assume i am greedy and shallow….let me explain that  – as this is my “language”  – i also speak it to others….translation?  i like to GIVE gifts too!   i spend time and effort and think and try when i give a gift and truly want the recipient to be happy….so that’s why i like to GET them….it’s not so much the actual gift (although i’m not gonna lie – that can be pretty great)….it’s that to ME – it represents time and effort and thought…..    tom – alas – does not speak this language.    is not interested in learning this language.   does not even want a translator. =D  so as my big month nears, i am trying to learn HIS language.   he is more of a …..  do-er.   which is super  – but not a language i speak.  he is so very frugally responsible (read “cheap as all get out”) that i can’t even give to HIM!  i find that his favorite “gift” is the deposit slip – showing where i put the money i would have spent on the gift for him into the savings account.  his favorite gift ever?  the year i made that deposit and then checked out some books at the public library for him to read.   ** heavy sigh**  my favorite gift?  the year he bought me a card!  for someone frugal a card is a huge purchase.   no folded notebook paper.   a real live card!   =D  with a WAY sweet note inside!!  it really doesn’t take much to make me happy!  (although this year i’m praying for the following….anniversary – cruise.    mother’s day – hot tub.   birthday – new bathroom downstairs (we’re still sharing with the kids – yuck!)    so wish me luck…..i”ll keep you posted!   =D

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