don’t work when you’re exhausted!  it can be very dangerous.  no….i do not work in a razor blade producing factory…..or a meat chopping plant….or even a scary poisonous chemical place.  in fact…..as i get ready to share my hard earned knowledge about working when you’re exhausted, i guess i should change my advice to STOP working BEFORE you become exhausted.   quit BEFORE you are so tired you can’t see straight. ..since my mishap didn’t exactly occur in the workplace.   whatever happened? you ask?  well….this evening i was doing a wee bit of personal grooming and thought i would go above and beyond the traditional routine and paint my toenails.   rarely ever see those puppies, but caught a glimpse of them today and whoa!   way past time for some tlc…..so i sit down at my vanity glance in the mirror….and decide that makeup removal is also in order.  so i douse my cottonball with toner….swipe my face all over the place….open my eyes….and stifle a bloodcurdling scream.  my eyes are watering and my skin is peeling off – red blotches everywhere – intense burning much like i would expect agent orange or a forest fire to produce….and i look at the bottle of toner and yep – you guessed it – realize that i have “washed” my face, soaked it with extra strength nail polish remover.  NOT something i recommend.  in my super tired state,,,,i neglected to check the bottle.  now….on the upside…i will not be paying for any of those pricy chemical peels anytime soon!  ha!    last year about this time, it was a mix up between my deoderant and my spray adhesive.   a MESS!  took weeks to fully recover from THAT one!  (and i realize that brings up all kinds of questions about what those two products were doing in the same vicinity…but haven’t we already established long ago how dysfunctional i can be????)   my advice???  stop before you’re too tired….and read those labels!!   =D

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