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So again – I’m going to assume this particular “issue” I’m going to address runs in the family. TOM’S side of course! After 3 short years (can you hear the sarcasm??) we have finally decided to carve out the time and finances to fix up the fixer upper house we purchased. It’s way past time to turn our house into a HOME! Click this link to see before and after pictures of what we have accomplished. Haven’t gotten Southern Living interested yet – ha! – but it’s making us very happy!


Well….the fabulous contractors we have working with us on this little project start rather early. In fact, they are kind enough that they drive up around 7am (yuck) and sit in their truck and wait to come in till 8ish. I’m quite certain that hour is spent chatting about how incredibly blessed they feel to be able to work with a family like ours – to be able to spend time around us – to be able to work on a house like ours…. Ha! I imagine the truth would be that between bites of sausage biscuits, they talk about how blessed WE are to have them fixing up something that most people would have set fire to long ago!

Anywho…..they started some work in the kids rooms this morning. Tiny details like WALLS. So the kids had to vacate their rooms at the UNEARTLY hour of 8:30! Oh – the abuse! This is what I found when I went into our front room. They had indeed left their rooms. But instead of fixing breakfast – or starting chores (yes I continue to live in a little dream world) or even flipping on the TV …..i found matthew (the blue blob) and Katie (the gray blob) trying to get in another hour or so of sleep. REALLY? Who DOES that? How can one sleep when one should be insanely excited that one’s room is finally being fixed/built/finished….????
matt blob

katie blob

And then I remembered my own dear spouse….and his ability to SLEEP during the most inappropriate of times. Example you ask?? Happy to oblige! May 9th 1987 pops to mind. Why? Well that’s our wedding day! I arrive early for the occasion – time to floof my hair (it was the 80’s) – add a skooch more blue eyeshadow (it was the 80’s) – button the 1,273 buttons on the back of my wedding dress (had to get help with that one) – and time to take a few deep breaths and enjoy the feeling that I was about to start the happiest time of my life. Well….literally that happy time was supposed to start at 10:00. So imagine my surprise at 9:30 when I discovered Tom was not there. Imagine my stress at 9:45 when I discovered still no Tom. Imagine my panic at 10:00 when I had no groom present. And imagine my rage at 10:15 when I was still alone. Standing in my dress with my 1,273 buttons all buttoned, with my perfectly floofed hair and 17 layers of blue eyeshadow – deep breaths long gone – I was READY TO FREAKIN GET MARRIED!


Much like my thoughts this morning….i am thinking – how in the WORLD can anyone sleep when they should be as excited as Tom should be right now? How do you SLEEP when you’re about to marry the love of your life – or get a wall??? Ha!
At about 10:17, when I was instructing one of my sisters to just “go out there and pick me someone single and handsome cuz I AM getting married today”, Tom comes careening around the corner, breathless, tux flapping in the breeze, barefoot, forgot his socks, rental shoes in one hand, and ….i am livid!!!! For about a millisecond. And then I look at his amazing blue eyes, reach up and pat down his fabulous hair, he smiles at me, and I am completely and totally in love. He is forgiven. And I don’t even need any deep breaths to enjoy the feeling that I am most certainly about to start the happiest time of my life!

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