getting my ducks in a row….

fabulous new website….huh?  i am so happy!  still a work in progress to get it all updated and the details tweaked…..but thanks to a daughter who is much more technologically savvy than i (which would not take much!!) the furniture is now all loaded!   she added over 30 pieces yesterday!  (she’s my favorite right now….but you didn’t hear that from me!)   anywho…..in an attempt to get everything all organized, i have one last request…..

as most of YOU have probably figured out, i have finally realized that i have two different facebook pages for Rethunk Junk.   what the???  i remember opening one….and then someone told me that i had opened a “personal” page for a “business” and that i could – of course – be drug off to facebook jail as my children and spouse clapped and cheered….i mean wept and begged for leniency for me.   so i promptly opened a “business” page.   and then i noticed that a special handful of you had actually friended me on the “personal business” page…..and since that means the world to me – i have very few frriends – i couldn’t just delete the page.  so i decided to go underground with my crimes and skate along with both a “personal business” page and a “business business” page.   then….about a year ago, in a lame attempt to combine the “personal business page” with the “business business page” i begged you to “like” me.   came off kinda pathetic really…..please like me? please???   i think one person felt sorry for me and switched…..so …..since my blatant begging did not work, i decided to press my luck with the law and retain both the “personal business page” and the “business business page”.  well…i am having trouble figuring out how to post photos on both pages….and i keep getting messages from my own “personal business” page that i have posted on my own “business business” page’s wall….or is it the other way around??  and then my excitement that someone in the real world has posted on one of my pages is dashed to pieces as i realize that i am only really communicating with my own self.   (is anyone besides me having trouble following this???  do any of you even care??)   assuming that you do care – and deeply – i am now – once again – attempting to evade the facebook fuzz by combining both pages and then deleting the offending facebook page.   and THIS time…..since begging did not work…..i am resorting to…..drumroll please……BRIBERY!!!  ha!  yep!   if you are a friend on any page other than the new one  (peersonal business….or business business….or business personal…..or whatever!) please LIKE the new wonderful legitimate “business business” page….and…as a reward for your time and trouble….you can then show woodstock market your phone, where you are listed and a like….and receive 10 percent off your next purchase of something rethunk junk at woodstock market.   clear as mud, right?   Go to the Facebook page referenced here…..

dont go to the one with the black dining set….thats the one getting me sent to the pokey – ha!

so im gonna be sitting up at night watching for the likes to go up……help?

and since a couple of you have asked…..let me explain again that we have now moved all our finished pieces to woodstock market. 5500 bells ferry road in acworth.   hours are monday thru saturday from 10-7 and sundays from 12-6.   it’s a great plan for several reasons.   you used to have to come to our home and that had several drawbacks…..first of all….no heat or a/c in the shop…..ugh!    also….i can never seem to predict when tom will be walking around naked….bah ha ha.   still LOVE special orders….and now you can drop off and pick up your pieces at woodstock market.   and im there pretty much every day during open hours.    so come see…look….browse….purchase….talk….chat….buy…..

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  1. melissa spatz-schwartz
    melissa spatz-schwartz says:

    Laura your new website is fantastic! Great job…it makes it so easy to look at all of your beautiful pieces. You and your husband are so kind and helpful. I hope to take a painting class, soon. Looking forward to buying more pieces from you. We must decorate, but I have to do it as budget allows. Take care – Mel


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