gonna be sappy here….

so i’m in goodwill ocasionally – bah ha ha – and i am regularly asked if i want the seniors discount.  what?????  i am plunged into the depths of despair and try desperately to make an appointment to have my hair colored….realize i will probably never sell enough furniture to be able to afford a facelift…..and then decide maybe it’s just an issue with goodwill.  um….not so.   this last week i was asked at KOHL’s and at KROGER if i qualified for the senior’s discount.  both now places i will never go again!  then i was in traffic this week and stopped to let someone out and heard horrific honking behind me.  i looked back and saw a woman and children in a van and assumed it was a crabby man behind her….until i started driving again and she tried to pass me on the right and made an obscene guesture.  i felt angry…and sad for her kids.  =(    i moved not long ago and still miss amazing friends….another reason to be down.  add up just these three things and i could whump up quite a pity party!!!……and then there’s YOU!  this is just a fabulous hobby of mine that turned into a little business that i LOVE!  i know i don’t always return calls or emails quickly…i know i can run behind…i know i have irritated some of you….but i never dreamed that i would interact with so many wonderful people.  i really dont’ know how to say thank you…. examples????

**last week my photos were ginormous….i had a friend and then three people i don’t even know offer websites to resize/offer to resize for me/ and one person even sent actual resized photos!

**i have had people  send me information about garage sales/sales on drawer pulls at anthropologie/websites with links to cool paint tecniques to try

**you are willing to drive to the middle of a subdivision and step over the cracks in the uneven floor and smile and tell me the shop is wonderful!

**i have had people show up with furniture to GIVE me…

**had someone call the other day and offer to bring a diet coke when she came – have had others of you show up with chocolate or diet cokes – have one friend who sends a funny card and compliment each time she buys and pay for something

**some of you actually take time to send photos of pieces in their new homes – i love seeing those

**had someone a couple of weeks ago email and ask where i was…said she missed the posts and needed a laugh – incredibly sweet!  and so many of you make thoughtful comments about my silly stories – you have no idea how much that means to me….

**i get calls and text from people that used to offend me “i saw the ugliest thing and thought of you!”  or “i saw this awful piece of trash and your name popped into my head” haha – that i LOVE now!

bottom line?  i love painting furniture.  i love changing something that’s not yet reached it’s potential and making it better.  and you know what?  that’s what YOU do for me!! on days i need “changing” and during times when i have definately “not reached my potential” you are there to rethunk me!!  some of you i know and love…and some of you i have never even met.  please know that i am grateful to ALL of you for making my life happier and helping me focus on the positives!!

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