Got girls???

Got girls??? I do. Four of them. Which means I got problems people with boys just don’t have. Never will.

One of the biggest problems i have alluded to previously. Those of you with sons will never be standing stark naked in the shower and realize that all your personal grooming products have been removed from your bathroom. On a scale of one to ten that one irritates me about a 7 thousand.

Those of you with sons will most likely never be getting ready to go somewhere and not be able to locate your favorite pieces of jewelry without heading to your kids rooms and shuffling thru all their belongings.

And just this week I had another “issue” that those of you with boys will just never have to deal with. One of my sweet girls was getting ready to go somewhere and after jumping out of the shower, made the ginormous mistake of flitting across the hallway to her room with only a brassier on top. During this millisecond of time, one of my OTHER sweet girls caught what could only have been a blurry glimpse of her sister (based on the speed at which the first daughter raced from bathroom to bedroom) and screamed as if she had been knifed. This is the moment when I should have gotten in the van and driven off….but I had this ludicrous idea that I could help resolve whatever conflict had arisen.

To simplify, since I would be shot and my remains hidden forever if I used names, lets say daughter one …hereafter referred to as D1 is the daughter wearing the bra. Daughter 2… Hereafter referred to as D2 is the one with the excellent eyesight.

So D2 starts squealing that she has been robbed. D1 has taken her one and only real functioning and ever so special bra. D1 yells from behind her bedroom door that she has been wearing said bra for months and it is hers. D2 again claims ownership…and to add insult to injury announces that it could only be worn for months by D1 because…are you ready for this?…. “She does not fill it up!” Ouch! Low blow! Those of you with sons cannot realize the depths we have reached now. D1 swears it is hers and she cannot help it if D2 (who happens to be older than she) is growing at such a slow pace that she has caught up and does indeed wear the same size. I am at a loss for words. I try and smooth things over by announcing that they both have absolutely charming bust sizes (no one saw any humor there but me). I then commented that it was a lovely discovery that they could share! Giving them both a double number of bras to wear….again….not something that brought peace to our home. So as I hear D2 threaten to rip the loose and huge bra off her sisters body….and hear D1 dare her to even try since it was actually such a tight fit that it wouldn’t be possible, I sigh heavily and it is at this point I head to the van….and to Target….for a bundle of new bras.

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  1. Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith says:

    Hi Laura,

    Still looking for a lingerie chest (to paint black) for 2013. Let me know if you come across any.

    Happy New Year,
    Michelle Smith


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