First…a baby bunny update! I got So many helpful emails and suggestions….tom and i carefully took the little critters to a wildlife rescue place here in woodstock.  a wonderful friend contacted me with info about the process and had a very positive attitude.  seems like the fact that we didn’t hold them a bunch was good…..eyes open was good….fur was good…..so she seemed to think they had a really good chance.  they are going to help them thru the tricky time and then release them into ….the WILD!  =D   thank you jasmine!!!!!

so in keeping with the “animal” theme we got going here…..let me share the following….

i am no stranger to the animal kingdom.  and yet was very excited when jasmine suggested we bring in the little baby bunnies.  i was wary – at best – of my ability to nuture them till they were thriving hopping carrot eating furry cuties.   why you ask?   my children are certainly thriving….and hopping….not so much carrot eaters  – ha!    so why then would i be stressed about the wee rabbits?   well my experience raising and nurtuing pets includes the following……

pet chickens – complete with a chicken coop.   not sure how many there were – but i remember something like 100 or so.   give or take 90.   haha   pet chickens are not something i recommend….seems the hens can get pretty attached to those eggs! and although i may not be prepared for a triathalon this afternoon….back then i was pretty fit- and yet it could take me hours to catch a runaway chicken.  just more trouble than they are worth in my humble opinion.

a pet lamb  fabulous till – who knew? – it turned into a sheep!   aggressive little sucker!  would run helter skelter (what IS that?) and fling itself against the pen when we came out with food.   reminds me of my son at dinnertime  though…..so maybe not such a bad thing?   =D

pet beagle….uh…apparently those are hunting dogs and love to run vs snuggle….Patches ran away more times than i can count…..till dad suggested that we give him to someone who hunted so he could live the life he dreamed of.    and as i recall….my sisters and i had almost as much fun playing with his vacant doghouse….made a super “horse”!!

pet rabbits  ,,,,,have you ever smelled a rabbit cage that has not been changed in 5 weeks???  nuff said!

pet hamster  ,,,,seems to be very important -dare i say essential even – that they have water,,,,i am wracked with guilt to this day!

pet fish ,,,,,did you know that some fish can be seriously depressed to the point of suicidal??  ours – one by one – literally jumped out of the tank!  i am assuming it was  to end the horror of seeing five kids smashed up against the tank peering all google eyed at them 24/7….that’s no way to live!

so….as you can see….it was pretty imperative that we find someone to help with the baby bunnies!   i am grateful and excited that they will have a chance!!

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