Guess we need some help….

It’s a new year. Time for resolutions….new starts….do-overs…..making changes. Our family has a few things we re doing right, but then there are those times when we realize we have some serious room for improvement!

For Christmas this year, one of my sisters sent us a game. Awesome gift cause we love games. We spend almost every Sunday evening playing a game together as a family. Santa even brought each of our kids a game. So I’m thinking that’s pretty good, huh? In todays crazy world, to have all five kids, ages 7 to 18 playing games with their parents every week. I must say I’m impressed with me! Haha

Now in explaining the next little bit of dysfunction, I could go off on several different tangents….I will try and focus….

Let me start with a tangent. Ha! What in the WORLD makes my children think that when I bring home groceries they are welcome to eat them???? I will shop and think to myself, “whew! Got that done for January” …only to find that two days later the fridge is empty and the cabinets bare. When did an “after school snack” start including an appetizer and side dishes????? Groceries are crazy expensive and in moments of lunacy I find myself encouraging my children to “drink more soda” cause milk is so stinkin pricey. So anywho….let me tie this tangent in with the original story….

I decide to be mom of the year and get all the fixins for ice cream sundaes last week. Complete with cherries and “spray whip”. Even sprung for two cans of spray whip since my love knows no bounds. Despite the fact that I look like I must have a part time job as a taste tester for Ben and Jerry’s, I must share that I don’t really like ice cream. Oh I prefer it to celery sticks, just not my first choice for a sugar high. So I didn’t even have a sundae. Well then imagine my surprise the NEXT DAY as I open the fridge to get a can a spray whip to adorn the warm chocolate pudding I have just made for my family and it is ALL GONE. Both cans! Warm chocolate pudding loses much of its appeal without the little dollop of cool whip, wouldnt you agree??? Not to be deterred, I put a small scoop of ice cream in the middle of each bowl and serve it to my family as a treat while we play this new game I mentioned about 25 minutes ago. ( Is anyone out there even still reading this??! ) The game is a dice game, and there are tokens you win or lose. My sister sent a bag of skittles along with the game cause she said her family uses those instead of tokens and the winner gets to eat them all. Cute!

Well….we sit down and tom looks at me and says, we really need help honey.
Um….sweetie….I can guarantee we are the only family in the state of Georgia right now that is eating pudding….with ice cream on top…..while we gamble for skittles.

Well……when you say it like THAT…..maybe we do need a little help…..

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