happy new year!

it’s 2012…..a new year….time for new starts…..new year’s resolution time!  yee haw!   um….not!

so of course – one of my resolutions is to be more healthy….lose about 323 pounds…..i worry of course that the only thing keeping huge wrinkles at bay is the “puff up my face” plan….but have decided to throw caution to the wind and see if i can’t lose some weight.  now… i have done enough reading and studying and  living to figure out that small goals are easier to achieve than big ones…and that breaking a big goal down into do-able steps makes it easier to achieve also.  so…..in the hopes of being slender and sexy i have now set the following new years resolutions!

#1 – i will no longer walk to the fridge for snacks…..i will run! thus burning extra calories and starting an exercise program.

#2 – i will no longer buy one pound bags of m&m’s at the grocery….i will buy the six pound bags! thus saving gas and wear and tear on the van and at the same time cutting down on the chances i will impulse buy other kinds of candy while i’m there.

#3 – i will no longer yell at my children to do all the chores around the house…..i will ask them nicely!   thus saving my voice for ordering pizza on the phone and calling for chinese take-out.

#4 – i will no longer eat greasy french fries….i will switch to onion rings since they have a vegetable in the center of  them!  oh wait…..i guess fries do too – so cancel that – no reason to switch.

#5 – i will no longer go thru fast food drive-thrus for lunch….i will park and walk in!  thus taking my exercise program to a whole new level!

#6 – i will no longer have dessert after dinner every night…..i will have it BEFORE!  in the hopes that i will be full faster and eat less at dinner.

#7 – i will no longer eat buttered popcorn at the movies…..for real!  the one time a year that tom takes me to the movies i should be able to control that little urge.  =D

#8 – i will try to be very good the first week of my diet so that i drop that large amount of weight that gets you excited when you first start…..in fact i feel quite certain i can acheive this goal if i were to just shave my legs a wee bit higher than my kneecaps!  that hair must weigh SOMETHING!, right?

so i have a plan!  i’m excited!  i’m ready to go!  i’m gonna be a new woman!  i have always said it’s a real talent to be able to work as hard as i do and still keep my weight up…..but it’s time for a change!  2012 is the year!  based on the goals i have set, i am expecting to not gain more than an additional 25 pounds this year!  ha!


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