Two weeks ago I was laying in bed awake….(that’s all I ever do since I don’t sleep)…and my 19 year old comes in. For this post we’ll just call her lindsey (since that’s her name. Hahaha). Lindsey comes in the bedroom and says she has a question, I assume it’s important since she needs to ask us at THREE am!! So I wake up my dear spouse and tell Linz we are all ears. Which is pretty accurate since toms eyes aren’t even close to open! Well Linz proceeds to inform us that she has a friend with an apartment who is looking for a room mate. Easy answer…..”Linz….it’s three am….your father doesn’t even know who you are right now….let’s talk about this tomorrow when everyone is coherent.” She agrees and heads off to her room to bed for the night. Tom is snoring within about 35 seconds…and i lay awake the rest of the evening compiling a short list of 763 questions that I will need a satisfactory answer to before my baby can ever be allowed to leave the nest.

Next morning. Happens to be the Christmas open house at Woodstock market. Huge event. I am working like a maniac. My phone rings. It’s my 17 year old.
Hello mama.
Hey megan.
Um mom….
Yes sweetie?
Um…some guy just drove up and put Lindsey’s mattress in the back of his truck and drove off. What’s going on?

I don’t think I even answered her.
I couldn’t.
My baby lindsey…..my sweet lindsey…..my little bitty lindsey was…apparently….moving out.

Now let me explain that to those of you with smaller children this might sound heavenly. I remember a time when my five children were younger…..8,6,4,2, and I was, let’s say, at the grocery with them….and just walking off and leaving them was incredibly appealing. During the phase when I would lock myself in the bathroom for 3minutes of precious alone time and three would be knocking on the door while one shoved important notes under the door and the other was in the background screaming…..during the times when I would look around and wonder how, despite my constant training and encouragement, messes like these were even possible to make….oh wait…we’re still in that phase! So those days I would dream of a time when they were all old enough and well adjusted enough to be on their own. They would have jobs….maybe a spouse who adored and respected me,,,,we would meet for lunch and shopping….they would tell me how grateful they were for my parenting skills….ah….how wonderful it would be,

But now? NO WAY! In her defense I should preface this situation by sharing that we had talked several times about lindsey moving out on her own. She is starting KSU and we knew this was on the horizon, So she wasn’t really the disrespectful willful child I made her sound like in the first paragraph here. Apparently the problem was my denial phase, Surely she could never leave. Didn’t she need me WAY to bad? Wouldn’t she miss me WAY too much? Wouldn’t there be a hole in her heart if I was not right in the next room? Um … No.

Seems she misses meals and the personal grooming products she stole from me more than she misses my sparkling personality. Seems she misses laundry being handled for her more than she misses quality time with a paint covered 48 year old.

So…..here’s how we’re going to handle this. I am paralyzed by grief and sadness. But lucky for me (and lindsey) …this happens to be the time of year for giving, So since I cannot take care of her like I used to be able to, I’m going to pass that responsibility on to you! We’re going to have a food drive for lindsey!! Yep! Why give to a stranger when you can contribute to my baby Lindsey’s well being?? Why choose a random charity or food pantry when you can bless the life of someone I love? So from now until December 25th, bring any nonperishable food item with you to Woodstock Market when you come shop and toss it in the “Lindsey’s Loot” box by our back booth. In return, we will give you a coupon for 10 percent off any purchase that day.

Note: Lindsey would like to respectfully request the following:
Ramen, chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, cookies, cereal, water bottles, actually anything other than cream of mushroom soup would thrill her!!

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  1. Donna
    Donna says:

    She is one lucky girl to have you as a momma! Just think of all the decorating you can do for HER!! She will have a lovely place to call her own one day. I’ll certainly drop off some items. How long is her box going to be at the market??


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