he’s gone!?….

tom travels for work.  he is my best friend and so i don’t enjoy that!  it’s not the same without him here.  and the kids agree.  so….as we struggle to deal with life during the weeks that he is out of town, we have come up with a few…just a few mind you…things one might call advantages.

#1 – i find that for some reason the house stays a wee bit cleaner.  the kids have unanimously agreed that ALL the mess must come from dad!  (cause they would NEVER contribute to any disorder, right???)  i will say that my bedroom remains free of empty two liter soda bottles (which tom swears should have a handle since they are a single serving)…and his shoes and shirts stay in the closet where i put them vs. sneaking out and flinging themselves on the middle of the floor like they do when he is around.   and there are fewer blankets scattered thru the house since we sneak and turn on the heat.  ha!

#2 – kitchen stays a bit cleaner too since i have a tradition of taking the kids out to dinner once each time he’s gone.  this troubles my dear spouse since (and he’s RIGHT) there are more responsible things to do with our money.  but i tell myself that the memories we create at O Charleys or Ruby Tuesday’s – i mean mcdonalds or burger king!!! – far outweigh the tiny expense involved.  one of my children had the audacity (read stupidity) to tell tom that last time he travelled “mom took everyone out TWICE!”  well i jerked a knot in HIS tail!  ha!  (what a weird saying, huh?)  i did remind this child that we all know that dad is way cheap – i mean way wise – and that there are some things we totally lie about – i mean we just share when we need to.  no sense offering up information that will only cause sad feelings, right?

#3 – i have been known to occasionally allow my children what we call a mental health day from school.  tom is less fond of this practice than i am….but i have told my kids that as long as they have straight A’s and are caught up on all projects, if they need a day once every quarter i can deal with that.  take today for example.   matthew came in this morning and asked if he had to go to school.  are you feeling bad matt?  “uh….no….i’m just really stressed about my homework load.”  you are?  what’s up?  “well – i’m just really behind and it’s bogging me down”  (exact quote)  so i tell him he can stay home and catch up.  he worked hard and furiously.  came in and told me he was finally finished and totally caught up.  i looked at the clock and he HAD worked hard!!! for 32 minutes!  but we called it his mental health day – he’s doing great!

#4 – i can control the remote!  yee haw!  if i have to watch one more history channel show about the development of a new cave discovered when an extint insect was found chewing a leaf that had properties utilized when developing a thread-like substance that was found to be useful in finally resolving the matter of who shot president kennedy.  and he watches tv with the sound off and the words scrolling across the screen.  even if i’m not interested i feel COMPELLED to read it all!

so alas…..my man is gone for three days….and we are having a blast….i mean dressed in black and counting the seconds until his return!  hurry home tom!!!!!

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