on to the house……

They never cease to amaze me! My fabulous offspring – in what I’m sure is an attempt to please and dazzle me – never disappoint me with new topics to blog about.

We have established that the van is an issue in almost every way possible. But alas – it still drives – so our plan – being who we are – is to run that puppy into the ground…..translation?? I will not have a new vehicle until something happens to that dumb thing and it no longer runs. So since we can’t work on that – and we always gotta have a project going we have now moved on to the house. I have shared very little about the house…..suffice it to say we purchased a “fixer upper” about two years ago with the best of intentions…a plan to have no house payment (goal met) a plan to have neighbors who could handle a dresser in the driveway every now and then (goal met) a plan to be close to Woodstock Market (goal met) and a plan to turn this house into something fabulous! (goal not met in any way shape or form) it seems that life/business/cash flow/lack of sense etc have all gotten in the way…..so there is still MUCH to fix up! Let’s just sum up by saying that the van and the house get along very nicely with each other!

Well I get a fantastically exciting call that my sister is coming in town from KY. She has four adorable kids and so doesn’t get to come visit often and has not seen our new “abode”. She also happens to be insanely put together – very very pretty – super organized – a wonderful mom – and has an eye for decorating that I would kill for. Her house should truly be on the cover of Southern Living, House Beautiful, Cottage Chic – any of the above…..while mine is a better fit for Trash Not Treasure or Wrecks R Us. Anywho….the upside of this (besides being able to spend time with my sister!!!) is that a visitor will motivate my dear spouse. We have three days till the visit. In fact – we have less than that because we also have company coming on Monday night. So….i’m thinking – YEA! New windows! (our current windows were manufactured in 1923 and one is held together by cardboard and packing tape.) or maybe YEA! Let’s hang the light fixture in the bedroom where the electrical cord is just dangling down begging for a light. Or even YEA! A new paint job in the hallway where in an attempt to help with the home improvement projects my children have peeled the old paint off in various animal shapes and nature designs. BUT NO!!

What does he decide is top priority??? Let’s see…..we have lived here two years now…..and TODAY……TODAY is the only day on this calendar year that he can start the bathroom remodel we discussed eons ago. The one where we reconfigure both bathrooms so tom and I have more room and the kids a wee bit less and both spaces are nicer and more beauteous. WHAT???? REALLY????? Ok. Sure. In the next 48 hours lets tear out two walls, install a new tub, a new shower, move the washer and dryer downstairs, run electricity and plumbing to them, replumb the bathrooms, paint, install new flooring, replace both vanities and relocate both toilets…..just to hit the high points. I about HIT THE ROOF!! (that also needs to be repaired)

I will say that this is going to require a part two…..or three or twelve…..but thus far – the only thing I got going for me is that I DID get my man to agree to replace the windows……which – finally – ties back into how helpful my children are with blog topics…..
They are standing in the construction dumpster in the driveway (now how many of you can say THAT??) and tearing apart the old windows. (cuz if you crush it up you can get so much more in the dumpster thus making it a better bargain!) and tom comes out and tells them they really do need safety glasses for a job like that! When he comes back out – this is what he finds. My children have donned affordable – economical – and ever so imaginative USELESS goggles. Yes – they have each tied a piece of Saran Wrap around their eyeballs. I cant even express the pride…… my thought is they better stuff some in their ears too as I express to my beloved – once again – my feelings about beginning this bathroom overhaul! ……… to be continued……

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  1. Ronda Mesmer
    Ronda Mesmer says:

    I love your blog! Having met you, I hear you talking as I read. You are a true delight. In my next life I want you to be my mom, lol! I’m sure the “projects” went well at home and fun was had by all.
    Throughly enjoyed meeting you and Julie. I am so excited! Your pieces are AMAZING and the paint, WOW!


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