I am soooooooo behind!!!!!

So it’s not that I haven’t been working…..it’s just a crazy time of year. I am so behind on posting things on the website it’s nuts. Seems like everything I do this time of year takes ten times longer than I planned or even anticipated! Case in point? Remember the Christmas tree debacle from last year? Here’s a little link to refresh your memory….
Well somehow….despite my best efforts…that dumb tree survived and was pulled out this year to be the focal point of our holiday decor. (How I missed getting that thing in the recycle bin I will never ever know. I was shocked and a wee bit grief stricken when it reared its ugly branches this year!)

So here it is after about two hours of assembly, whispered epitaphs, and dirty looks that would curl your toes….
I am absolutely enchanted by the striped pattern of light and dark we have going here….

Couple more hours of no joy to the world and nothing even close to a most wonderful time of the year, and we are plunged into quite the silent night as this is what we have now achieved…..

I am grateful for the additional lights illuminating the room, but find myself still unsettled by the white multiprong extension cord snaking up the tree and the 75 foot industrial orange extension cord being used to power said lights. I am also smitten by the incredibly sturdy base on this eleventeen foot high tree.

Another several hours and we finally join hands like all the who’s in whoville and sing fah-hoo-dor-ay praying that no fuse blows (on the tree or dad) until at least December 26th!

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