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there is a family we know that i absolutely love.   i will use no names here to protect the innocent….haha.  i especially love the two girls (well….they are actually young women – not girls) in the family  –  one of whom just left for college.  this story cracks me up….but makes me feel so much better about OUR family.  it sounds exactly like something we would have going on around here!!!   the young lady in this story that just left for college we’ll call….um….gertrude.  ha!   and so gertrude is going afar for college.  but since she has fabulous parents they are driving her…her stuff…even small pieces of furniture that she wants to take…in addition to belongings of her sister.  they are not driving an 18 wheel semi, so space is a bit tight.  so tight in fact, that they have to get what is called a “turtle” to strap on the top of the car to jam full of things in order to even have a hope of fitting it all.  this thing has to be strapped around the top of the car, thru the inside, obviously pretty big deal since you don’t want your turtle flying off as you drive down the highway.  so turtle strapped on after much effort.  packed insanely full.  inside of vehicle is crammed so full that there really isn’t room for passengers…but that’s okay…it’s only like a 34 hour drive!  =D   feeling proud that he has fit an unearthly amount of belongings into and on top of the vehicle, dad decides to back out of the garage and test things for the impending trip.  raises the garage door…..drumroll here….. and realizes that….CRUD….the car will not back out of the garage with the turtle on top!  as gertrude shares this story i am rolling at this point.  sounds EXACTLY like something that we would do!!!!  and gertrude even shares that she casually mentioned this issue to her father early on in the process and he felt confident it was not an issue.  sounds EXACTLY like tom and i!!!!  she did resist the urge to say “i told you so” towards the end.  (probly cause she knew she’d be smacked to kingdom come!).  so now starts the “fixing” process….which includes unloading the whole turtle….half the car to get the straps undone…and then backing out the car and starting all over!  i totally love this family.  gertrude and her sister are awesome in every way….and their dad just helped our family feel extremely normal….not an easy thing to do!  ha!

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