i give up!

i swear….i give up!  i have decided we will never be a normal family.   i think we must be a part of the bermuda triangle somehow……things just don’t work out over here like they do for regular families!  example?  why of course!!!  first of all…..my beloved truck is still sitting somewhere waiting for someone to decide they can fix it for less than it’s worth.  **heavy sigh**  which leaves our family with one vehicle.  not good.  not good at all.  especially when your husbands job revolves around travel.  sooooo….after realizing that it’s not normal to be on a first name basis with the dude at enterprise….we decide it’s time to get another vehicle.  this will – of course – belong to tom since the minivan will continue to haul dressers and children.  **another heavy sigh**   so tom researches till i’m getting frustrated and finds the make and year of the vehicle he feels will be most reliable and not a gas guzzler and  won’t make the guys he rides with giggle (do men giggle?) and finds the deal of the century!!!!  so he purchases a really pretty Lexus.   which to ME is pretty dang nice!!  i’m super excited for him and impressed.    we have something nice for once!  yee haw!…….and then…..i remember that it’s us…..and start looking a little closer…… now let me preface this with ….”they have one on order”……but for now?????  here’s what we’re dealing with……tom drove the car home and brought the key in.  it was wrapped in more than a few layers of scotch tape.  very unsightly right?  something that WOULD make the other boys giggle.  so he removed the tape.  can’t be important, right?  uh…wrong!  key falls into two pieces.   NOW it’s seeming like  a whitlow vehicle!  well….can’t have that so tom decides to RETHUNK the key.  here is his fix……

um….yes….that is indeed the end of a PAINTBRUSH!  he cut off a paint brush and sawed a slit in it and stuck the key in.   well….not conventional but he gets points for creativity, right?   so the next day he goes out with his rethunk key to go to work and the dang car won’t start.   he is ready to cry/cuss up a storm/etc….and then decides to read the owners manual.  (something a man rarely does – i was VERY impressed!)  and he realized that what we didn’t know….since this is actually a nice vehicle and we are not accustomed to those….is that the TOP of the key (which he almost discarded) has to be present in order to start the vehicle.  so NOW….. he has this hilarious system of getting in and putting the key in and then holding the top part while he also holds the paintbrush part and turning them together to start the car while trying desperately not to  push the panic button and set off the alarm.  which is pretty hard to do so most of the neighborhood now knows when tom whitlow is headed to work!  and then he tosses the old top part in the ash tray till the next morning….cause i’ll be danged if we’re gonna admit defeat and go back to the original scotch tape fix!!!!!   now seriously….does this happen to NORMAL FAMILIES????? i think not!!!!!!!

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