i need some help….

it’s been three ish years since i started this little business.  and i still love it.   i will admit i need some help (read “therapy”).  i realized just how much as i was painting today.  i looked up and saw this bug crawling on the wall next to the piece i was painting….

now i realize that this particular critter may not look alarming to you.   may not look all that huge.  may not look especially dangerous.  may not look lethal.  in fact when my husband looked at the photo he said, “oh look – a little green cricket”  (someone really should slap him!)  but he was not there!   let me assure you that i am NOT close as i take this photo….i am NOT nearby…..i am NOT a fan of insects/reptiles/creatures/ of any kind – i am not okay with it being in my shop – i am not happy about this situation at all!!!  so why – you ask – do i have a photo of this dude?   well….herein lies the reason that i need some therapy.  i photographed this offensive little thing in all seriousness…..for real….with the single thought that it was a lovely spring color.  as i ran for the camera i remember wondering if home depot had ever color-matched a bug…and if i would need to scream to my son to come catch it so i could take in the real thing or if a blow up photo would suffice for me to capture that color in paint.  sick, huh?


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