i shouldn’t complain….

this year has been totally unseasonably warm!!  i have been so grateful!  but not everyone in my family agrees…..i swear i think i must be headed for that special “change” in life….i am rarely ever cold….i feel like some kind of canine as i roll down the window and hang my head outta the van to cool off since the family insists on having the van heated.  course tom is thrilled with this turn of events as he totally prefers the “bundle up till  you can’t move” option to “heating the house so we’re comfortable” option.  the heat hardly ever gets turned on over here.  on “chilly” days…tom builds a fire.   our “kindling” consists (i swear i am not making this up) of a plastic tub sitting on the hearth filled with cardboard items from our trash (envision captain crunch boxes, toilet paper rolls, and mac and cheese boxes)  that will help to light the “logs” which are pieces of wood and scraps from my shop.  i am fratically searching but have yet to see this tupperware-o-refuse on any HGTV show.  well….on the BEFORE part maybe but never as someone’s idea of classy decor!!!   it can get so bad that my kids seriously  walk around here in jackets and wrapped in blankets.  i wouldn’t have a huge issue with that except that since i have trouble OCASSIONALLY getting the kids to do their chores (that’s a whole nuther story!) i get a little irritated as they drag blankets thru the kitchen that never got swept, thus dragging debris to every other room in the house!  so in an attempt to cut down on the spreading of rubbish thru my home, i purchased – among other incredibly nice things – a Snuggie – for my daughter’s 18th birthday.  are those things dumb or what?  i had no clue!  i guess i never really watched any of the commercials on about them…..they really are just a backwards robe!  a hospital gown with long sleeves!  and based on the fact that they are masquerading as a blanket – they are long!  so – yep – you guessed it….refuse is still strewn from room to room as the Snuggie wearer parades around the house in it.  a blanket with sleeves.  (tom and i think it would be more aptly named a “bleeve”)  it’s one of those things that makes you think – daggum….if THEY can make a living selling THOSE….why aren’t I incredibly rich?????   so my advice is that you enjoy the unseasonably warm weather this week, refrain from purchasing a Snuggie, and bring the money that you would have spent on that over here and use it for some fabulous furniture!!!!

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