i’m so excited and grateful!!!

so let me just say i am so excited and grateful for the opportunity i just had to work with Plaid Enterprises.  they are the cool company that makes mod podge and apple barrel paint and folk art paint.  everybody knows mod podge….great stuff…nuff said.  ha!  the paints are those little paints you can buy at craft stores or walmart in the little tubes…..and i had always associated those paints with mother’s day projects/elementary school/ and popscicle sticks.  ha!  well….because of an insanely wonderful customer, i had the opportunity to work with plaid and USING THEIR PRODUCTS i got to rethunk some furniture for a trade show they are doing.  i was thrilled with the opportunity (and just let me say everyone over there must have to have some kind of personality test before hiring….and i can’t image you’d get hired unless you were open, warm, fun, and happy!!) so anywho…..they asked about this furniture project and i thought…..sure…..uh….i’ll use your paint.  about 2,700 bottles of it should cover a dresser….but since you manufacture it, i’m sure you can get your hands on that much.    i was AMAZED!!!    here is a before and after of an armoire done for them.

BEFORE:   (yipes, right??)

it took less than three little bottles!!!!  i kid you not!!  three!!!!!  i sanded and used a primer and then WHOA!  the color choices are endless and so much fun!  and the paint is wonderful to work with.  the colors are vibrant and i chose a turquiose, a green to accent in inside of the piece and then used thier black to make a glaze that i applied after distressing the piece.  it was so affordable to work with.  i had been purchasing a quart of something when someone needed a special color…..now you just need to go choose a folk art color and bring it on!!!  gobs of choices and a way quality product.     and this next piece was also done with their products.

their sterling silver paint with their walnut glaze.  it’s opened a whole new world for me!!!  (can you tell i’m excited????)    so go pick a color – neutral, classic, trendy, vibrant, eye popping, soothing….they have it all….and bring it with your junk….and we’ll rethunk a little miracle for you!!!!    (also used their stencils on burlap to make some great pillows – they have gorgeous choices!)  if you’d like to read more about me….i mean them- bah ha ha….check out this link!

http://paintmeplaid.com/    or their facebook page

seriously…. check out their entire line of products – and think outside the box….Plaid can do SO MUCH MORE than my special mother’s day crafts!   =D

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