i am so excited….and proud…and thrilled….and amazed….and astounded…..and delighted…..

some of you may remember long ago that i mentioned that my husband enjoys writing.  he has now written ten adorable children’s books.  they are absolutely charming!   (and no – i don’t think i would be prejudiced at all!)  =D   they rhyme – which kids love – they teach a lesson – which mom’s love – they are easy to read – which mom’s love – and fun to listen to – which kids love.  and…..drumroll please…..they are now available for digital download on amazon.com!!!!!   yee haw!   four of them are now official E-BOOKS!!!!!  got a kindle?  got a nook?  got an ipad?  got an iphone?  got a windows pc?  got a mac?  got a blackberry?  got an android phone?  then WE HAVE AN E BOOK FOR YOU!!!  what a super thing to purchase for your kids to read on the road to grammas….while waiting at the dr’s office….waiting for food at a restaurant….during church – hey! they teach something!  ha! …..and even for reading at home – soooo much better than playing a video game don’tcha think???  and at only $3,95 each how can you go wrong?????  all four books would only be $15.80 – deal of the century!!!!

little preview of the four now available…..and a link to go get em!!!!

A Princess Story  …..   Lindsey Lee thinks she’s a princess because of how she looks….but learns there is much more to being a TRUE princess



 Monster Story…..Megan LeGrew and Bill the Monster become friends despite their differences…and find out how important a friend really is.



Tree Story….Matt – the kind tree – has to decide whether to live for himself – or give to others – and learns how important giving can be.



Wee Story – Walter Ellison Edgar McGee is short – but longs to play basketball.  Read about how with hard work you can achieve anything!


here’s a link to the free app that makes them “readable” on all devices




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