It’s all about the dance….

So I’m out with Emma last week and she finds a corner in the store we are in that is chock  full of ballet costumes. Tutus…ballet slippers…leotards…the works. All the sudden she is flitting thru the air light as a feather, doing graceful twirls on pointe, practicing first position… least in HER mind. I..on the other hand…am seeing a child on a sugar high from a bad after school snack her father gave her, running thru the store only seconds away from causing a serious accident. So to divert her from her public practice time I ask about her newfound interest and she excitedly tells me how (although I am hearing it for the first time) she apparently came out of the womb with an intense desire to learn ballet. In an attempt to continue chatting i say “oh i know Em, aren’t the costumes pretty?”. At which point she looks at me, wide eyed, and gasps, “Mom! Its not about the costume!! It’s all about the DANCE!”

as i think about this i realize she fits right in with our family….

tom:   it’s not about the FOOD at the chinese buffet….oh no!  it’s about the atmosphere!

matthew:  it’s not about the GAMES on the xbox…..heavens no!  it’s about the hand eye coordination he’s developing that will enable him to get a MUCH better job someday!

lindsey:   it’s not about the CLOTHES at the mall….duh!  it’s about having a safe place to just hang out with friends!

katie:  it’s not about the EXTRAS on the new phone she wants…who even KNEW about those??? it’s about being able to check in with us at all times so we know she’s safe!

megan:  its not about wanting a new room for HERSELF!   not EVER!  it’s about needing a bit more space to be so much more clean with her clothing and organized with her school work!!

me:  it’s not about the AMAZING cool stuff i can do with my i-pad…..NO!  it’s all about record keeping and the ability to run the business more efficiently!

so as you look at the following pieces of furniture for sale…just remember…it’s not about how pretty they are…..NO!  it’s not about how great they would look in your home!  of COURSE not!   it’s all about the practical money saving bargain they are….thus allowing you to keep more of your money for…say….ballet lessons?    ha!

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