job hazards!!!

so i just gotta share my last “issue” when painting…..and the hazards that go along with my job.   i’m in the shop working away and get a call yesterday.   it was one of those rare moments when i actually answered my phone…. hahaha …..and so i sat down to answer questions and chat. I look down and see a cricket in my shop. Not one of those black harmless disney jiminy cricket things….but the scary brown huge legged don’t mess with me kind.

oooooo…..see how scary that is?????

As I am trying to keep my voice at a normal timber (oooo….impressive vocab, huh??) on the phone and never let that nasty thing out of my sight, I watch….kinda like an out of body experience….as it jumps onto my FOOT! Aaaagggghhhh! I can’t scream…I’m on the phone with a potential customer. Wait….it gets worse!!! I know….how is that possible, right??? Well….yes….you guessed it. It starts crawling up my stinkin pants leg!!!! I can SEE this bump moving up my leg and i can FEEL this horrific creepy feeling. And I still can’t scream. What CAN i do??? I tried jumping…. But the only thing falling out of anything was my boobs. So i tried kicking……flip flop flew off but cricket still in place workin its way up my leg. I thought of squooshing it….but became nauseous at the thought of cricket guts in my pants….and who knows if they bite or poke you with those cricket legs??? What do I end up doing, you ask? What any of you would do. I say a lightening quick prayer that no one on the planet will walk into my shop and then I start shimmying outta my pants. Yep! Those puppies are coming OFF. So picture this (if you have an iron stomach). I am in the shop…on the phone…..trying to sound normal…while I rip off my pants….without scaring the killer cricket. And as I stand in the shop in my panties, panting from the exertion….watching the cricket jump away….I have to ask myself… this really worth it?

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