just a teeny little issue….

so let me preface this post with….
i truly love my spouse. he is patient and longsuffering and loving and kind and funny and sexy and helpful and NOT a builder. ha! i should have figured this out when we were dating. tom and i met in 10th grade in biology class. he “pythed” my frog and stole my heart! =D whilst we were dating, in an attempt to be romantic, tom would sneek over in the middle of the night when my family (myself included) were fast asleep and he would leave me love notes. but did he write them on paper and tuck them in the window like a normal person would? oh no! he would… (get this)… PAINT them onto saran wrap and then stick them on my window in an attempt to create a “stained glass” look for me. ah yes….sounds lovely and thoughtful, huh? well NOW imagine what condition my window is in after the hot kentucky sun has beat down upon that paint, baking it to the glass….and the saran wrap….melting it to the glass…..it was a bit of a mess. took HOURS for me to remove the romantic notes once it came time to clean things up. should have been ONE of my clues that quite possibly, tom was not “born” to be a carpenter. so now i have a KINDA serious issue… we moved here about six to eight weeks ago, and there was no shop out back when we got here. that was built by my man once we arrived. and since the back yard was not level, he used the ever popular “up on stilts” method. great! works for me! well…you know how you sometimes get in an elevator and see a sign about a weight limit? well am i the only one who then admits to myself how much i really weigh and silently starts adding up what i think everyone else weighs? seriously….what am i gonna do if my little numbers exceed the limit? “wait everyone! based on what i think you weigh combimed with what i will never share that i weigh, someone needs to get off this thing before we have a real problem!” nope….i’d just ride the thing and hope for the best. which i guess is what i did with my shop. i was riding the thing hoping for the best. ignoring the fact that there are actually HILLS in the shop. just trying to convince myself that it was tom’s way of incorporating a bit of exercise into my day. well….apparently the shop was built more for someone who made/sold/and displayed say….um….feather boas! vs. someone who rethunk/sold and displayed china cabinets/dressers/and buffets. as of yesterday, there is now a SPLIT…..an OPENING if you will….in the floor of the shop. it is in the back….rather small….no huge safety issue at this point….although i would like to request that none of you contact OSHA. that would not be helpful at all….in fact i have already decided what you can do to help. tom needs to (as he put it) “just jack up the floor a little”….oh yea! THAT’S a phrase contractors use all the time! “not a problem ma’am! we just need to come in and jack up your floor a bit and you’re good to go!” i’m a weee bit apprehensive about this but….i figure if you all come purchase something then that drastically lightens the weight on the floor right now…allowing the repairs to be much easier and smoother! right???? so come shop – and help me get the crazy flooring issue all fixed!!!!

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