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so i love to eat.    any of you who have met me are not at all shocked by this disclosure!   =D  two of my favorite quotes on this subject?   “i AM in shape….round is a shape isn’t it????”   and   “if you are what you eat….i gotta eat a skinny person!”   ha!   alas.   i am well aware as i look in the mirror each morning that i do, indeed, quite possibly, maybe, perhaps, kinda, conceivably enjoy eating just a little too much….   combine that with the fact that regular exercise is NOT on my list of things i love right now, and well….it’s not the best combo. in fact….let me veer off topic for a second here to share a little ditty about that lack of exercise part.   i realized how bad things had gotten a couple of years ago….(no – i have not done anything about it yet – perhaps 2013 is the year?)  anyway….we lived in a subdivision near the swimming pool – close enough to walk.   so one day megan and emma (who was then about 5 years old) and i decided to go swimming together one afternon and we started the short walk to the pool.   realizing we had forgotten our towels i volunteered to grab them…just asked them to wait for me at the 1/2 way point.  so i walk back to get the towels and as i head back towards them, megan yells “hurry up mom!  let’s go”  so i jog on down the hill to meet them.  as i trot towards them i see this look of complete and utter shock on emma’s face and hear her say, “Megan!  Mom can RUN!!  did you know mom could RUN????”   megan is on the ground laughing.   and i am swearing that – since i just scampered a total of 30 feet and am completely out of breath and needing oxygen – as soon as i regain my equalibrium i will beat emma to a pulp.  and then i realize – much to my chagrin – that she is serious.   she’s all happy and excited for me and spends the next 30 feet to the pool telling me how good i did and how very fast i was.   of course all i could think of what how long before i could slip into a pool chair with some dove chocolates – bah haha.   anywho….. i plan to do better….i really do…..but not now.   not during the holidays!  that would be disaster!  eating, snacking, and sharing those goodies is what the holidays are all about!  (i realize there is also the part about mary and joseph and baby Jesus….. but i’ve already talked about that….) so…..here’s my plan……  this weekend is the indoor/outdoor show at woodstock market – they have all the cool extra vendors there and i spend time there too during that weekend.  soooooo….come see me – come purchase something….and bring me a copy of your favorite recipe for the holidays….(remembering that i dont’ drink and i don’t care for raw onions and i swear the Powers that Be were having an off moment when they created green peppers!)….other than that i’m good to go…..so bring me a copy of your favorite recipe….and get 10 percent off your purchase!!!  great trade, right????  i give you 10 percent off in exchange for a wonderful recipe which will probly help add another 10 pounds to my lovely physique!  ha!

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