letting up a bit???

so i think we’ve established that my work space is rather….um….rustic?   i think my biggest departure from the civilized world would be that there is no HVAC to speak of.  no real heat source…..no central air…..nothing to effectively keep the tempurature near the normal range.   so this summer has been HOT!  very very HOT!!  i basically work in a kiln.   i have often thought, that based on how insanely warm things get over here….and the fact that i have no appetite during the day, it is quite a talent that i can manage to keep my weight up!  ha!   i DO find that i am unbelieveably thirsty…..here in fact….is a photo of my headboard……and yes – i do clean my bedroom on a daily basis…..this is from one night   =D   (tom insists that it was in poor taste that i shared this photo….but i reminded him that i have already shared so many things that would fall into that category that no one expects any better from me at this point!)

i would like to share that all the soda cans are indeed DIET – so it’s like i’m not really drinking anything!……

so the last few days i have been THRILLED that the heat has broken just a wee bit.  how has this changed my life?  let me share….

first of all….my headboard is taking a lot less time to clear off on a daily basis…..  ha!

second….i am not distraught to the point of needing medication that  – alas – “sodapalooza” has ended.  (for those of you who are not familiar….sodapalooza was 49cent fountain drinks at racetrac.  and there happens to be a racetrac between me and woodstock market!  yee haw!)

third…..my profit per piece has gone up at least $1.47….(three less drinks per day)

fourth….i can spend a few moments at the start of each day brushing my hair and find that it does not end up looking like shirley temple’s “do” 5 seconds out of the door

fifth…..my turbo prop fan is actually making a difference in the shop…..instead of just blowing what feels like shooting “flames” thru the shop there can ocassionally be a pleasant breeze!

lastly…..i find that i am much easier to be around….or so says my family…..as i am not constantly a sweating ball of funk and sawdust hacked off that the rest of the free world is more comfortable than i am!    =D     i will say, i am grateful for the speed at which the paint dries in the “kiln” – but there aren’t very many other advantages – so i’m getting truly excited for fall!!!

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