like father…..like son???

okay – i have another “home improvement” project to share.     i have been working like crazy on my bedroom.  you know the before/after photos of the kitchen?  well the bedroom was equally scary!!  so i have sewn and painted and rearranged and planned – i found a door to turn sideways for my headboard – i added fabric to the walls on each side of the bed to soften the space – i found a teeny bookcase for my nightstand and an old sewing table for tom’s side that fit perfectly!! –  i even found a chandelier which i have always wanted in my bedroom!  i’m not done yet but here’s a picture of the current progress made…

well….then – of course – we have to have a tv.   (not!)  you know how MOST people hang their awesome flat screen televisions and they have no cords showing and due to the fact that they are indeed called “FLAT” screens, they are FLAT against the wall?  in fact they are very unnoticeable and tasteful?  well not us.     in an attempt to save money on the hanging contraption (to his credit those things ARE kinda pricey) tom FIRST hung the television with some old gate hinges he found in my shop that he attached to a strip of metal used to hang a mirror.  while i must give him points for creativity, that’s about all he gets.  after insisting that this little setup be removed, he buys the hanging contraption – but then we are left with an orange outdoor extension cord snaking thru the middle of the bedroom, cords running up and down the wall, the cable box dangling from it’s cord kinda swaying in midair and one of the gate hinges which is now stuck to the wall permanently.  again…..less than acceptable – and no where NEAR normal!!!  i gently point this out…..and so my dear lesser-half decides to agressively fix this problem.    so before i can scream “what in the world are you doing?????” he has taken a screw driver and punched a hole in my bedroom wall thru which he rams the cable box…..another karate chop with the screwdriver created a hole thru which the extension cord is run….and viola’ – he feels he is done.

hmmmmm……i am not even going to mention the drywall dust all over the few clothes i own (since the wall in question was the wall to my closet) ….or the fact that my clothes had to be gently moved (read: thrown on the floor) to make room for the mass of cords….  i would just be happy at this point with the crooked hanging gate hinge being gone and possibly some molding around the cable box????? i have a bestest friend who’s husband would either crack up or croak if he saw this project!   the “honey-d0″ projects around here crack me up sometimes.   and this week i discovered that it must run in the family…..i found my drill today…..all decorated and fancy….

and after asking a few questions….found out this was a project done by my 12 year old son!!!!!!

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