me….. vs OTHER moms….

on the heels of mothers day and fathers day tom and i have been discussing parenting tecniques….and i’ve been doing some mental comparisons to see how i measure up.  sad really…..

other moms:  cooking well balanced meals, paying attention to nutritional value and the food group chart we all learned in elementary school.

me?  well balanced meal is corndogs and jello….you got protien, bread and fruit all going on there, right?????

other moms:  driving nice clean SUVs to and from car pool.

me?  leaving for church this morning…opened van door and had to assign kids to pick up all the cheeseburger wrappers and QT cups that fell out on the driveway…and then realized we had to take two cars since there were no van seats and two dressers in the back of the vehicle

other moms:  lovingly keeping a meticulously clean home….organizing kids rooms and toys….

me?  looking at my kids rooms….wondering where all that “stuff” even came from! and trying to remember if there is carpet or hardwood under there!!!

other moms:  getting mani/pedis, dressed adorably, running errands looking put together and attractive!

me?   afraid to wash most of my clothes as paint smears might actually be holding the fabric together at this point! and oft times do not realize how frightening i really do look until one of my kids says “uh…mom…are you going out in public like THAT??”

other moms:  patiently, in a gentle and loving tone discussing rules and consequences …..the choices their children make and the affect those choices have on others….teaching responsibility…..

me?   standing in the shower naked realizing that my children have once again walked off with my shampoo and my razor and screaming at the top of my lungs “bring my stuff back…..i DO NOT SHARE!!!”     (sad, huh?)

so some time ago i found this video….and i could totally relate since my children will most likely need therapy some day (we have a special savings account for that – ha!).  most of you have probably seen this….but it cracks me up.  AND….it reminds me to say ‘i love you’ every single day to my children…..cause they really are incredible….and incredibly patient with me!!!!!


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