so i have five kids – all five of them have tasted the paint at some point in this family business of ours.   three of the five swear that the French Vanilla color tastes like eggnog.  i personally would not serve it during the holidays but once you purchase it, that’s your decision.  ha!  bottom line?  it’s safe – no smells – no acids – never had it hurt my skin – (in fact the only time my skin is adversely affected is when i scrub like a maniac with loofahs and sea salt scrubs to remove all traces of the product before i go to church on sunday – :)

BUT – i don’t expect you to take my word for things so we are posting the MSDS sheets here.   they make very little sense to me but there are some of you out there much smarter than i will ever be who i’m sure would like to take a peek.  they’re a kinda boring read…so sit down, pour yourself a cup of French Vanilla and read away!   bah ha ha

MSDS – Rethunk Junk by Laura – Paint

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