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so i alluded to the fact that i had some exciting news – and here it is…..  at least i THINK it’s exciting….  i am renting a booth space at woodstock market.  i am thrilled and a bit nauseaus!  my husband asked what i had to lose if things didn’t work and i told him….heck!  every scrap of self esteem i have left!  but i am hoping that it will be a place to show things that is easier to get to….a bit more upscale for those of you who like level floors and air conditioning – ha!…and open seven days a week.  of course i’ll always still have things here, and since they are only 2.9 miles apart (yes…I walked it off)….best option would be you visit both places!!!  in anticipation of hitting the ground running i already have some pieces over there waiting to be a part of my booth the first part of june.  (unless you purchase them before then!)

i am not closing up shop here on Tanglewood – far from it!  i have no room left here – tom won’t expand the shop into the neighbor’s yard – Home Depot won’t let me store things in their parking lot – the Lord seems intent on sending rain on a semi regular basis so the yard is not an option….so this seemed like a good choice for storing some pieces till they are swiped up by wise bargain hunting thrifty classy women with stunningly good taste.  ha!  but i will still be here – open on Thursdays and Saturdays – painting my brains out – hoping you’ll come shop and bring special orders and send friends and drive trailers and hand over your credit cards and bring me chocolate and diet coke…..all the same ole fun stuff!   =D

so here are the new “RULES”  =D

i will still be posting most pieces on my website for you brave souls who don’t mind the “rustic” quality of the shopping experience here at my shop.  if you want it – get it quick – pay for it and schedule pick up – cause after about 4 or 5 days it may be at the Market….and at that point you lose the discount involved in shopping in my backyard – haha ( tom has decided to charge me for loading it up and taking it over there – tee hee!)  once it’s at Market i can’t control the “hold” situation….but they do have air conditioning/they dont’ all leave for diet cokes at the same time so someone is always there to help you….and although it would be extremely traitorous, there are some “non-rethunk-junk” goodies over there that are wonderful!  it’s a great place to shop!!!

head to Woodstock Market any time – i already have several pieces there (and it’s noted on the website which ones are there)….just ask at the front desk and they’ll show you where the Rethunk Junk pieces are hanging out….but stay tuned for info coming soon on my “grand opening” at the Market!

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