Need some help….fur real! =D

Help!!! Our neighbor accidentally mowed over a nest of baby bunnies. The mama is gone…and we couldn’t handle watching the babies just pass away….so we now have two absolutely adorable brown baby bunnies snuggled in a comforter inside a plastic bin in my daughters bedroom. I know the chances of them making it are pretty slim….but how could we not try??? Anyone out there ever try this successfully??? I/we would love any help or suggestions!!! The information on the internet is all over the place. No two websites seem to agree. Here’s about all we know… Full coat of fur, eyes open, scared to pieces, can jump, seem kinda lethargic but I’m no expert…could just be normal for wee bunnies…that’s about it for our background info. I know I’m supposed to be posting furniture on here…sorry to be using the site for personal purposes….but so many of you have become friends and so many of you are incredibly thoughtful…I thought I’d just see if there was any advice out there! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:


    Contact AWARE. I’ve take wildlife to them before. 
    They’re great help and will know exactly what to do for the bunnies. 

    Here’s their info:
    AWARE accepts injured and orphaned wildlife every day of the year.  The center is located approximately 30 minutes from Atlanta at 4158 Klondike Road, Lithonia, GA 30038.

    (678) 418-1111

  2. Lorie
    Lorie says:

    I am so glad that you rescued those sweet bunnies!! I am with the other ladies in calling your local vet or AWARE. They have the exp. and medicine available to give those sweet babies. Good luck to you and those sweet little babies, keep us posted!!!

  3. alice
    alice says:

    we had 3 babies about that size…they are in the clear and will make it because their eyes are open all the way and have fur. put them in a cardboard box with bedding or a towel that you don’t care about. they need rabbit food (grocery store) and lettuce, carrots, cabbage,etc. bunnies grow fast! i did use a kitten feeder and kitten milk (again petsmart) but they quickly out grew it and wanted food..they can be let go into the woods in about a week. they are one of God’s resiliant creatures :)
    let me know if you need anymore advice…ours lived through 4 kids holding them constantly and now are in the woods behind our house…happily

  4. alice
    alice says:

    also, not to bother you, but you might want to put them on a back porch or outside somewhere…this is so that they can get familiar with the noises of wildlife (only if you plan on letting them go)
    God bless


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