no way!!!!!

i LOVE diet coke. especially in the summer time. as i’m working out in the UN-airconditioned shop i totally love taking a break to get a diet coke (or pepsi or sprite or whatever….as long as it’s fizzy and diet i’m thrilled!) i have even dreamed about installing a fountain drink machine in my home. wouldn’t that be heaven???? cause my only problem is that i love love love ice in my drinks but the downside is that if i don’t drink it pretty quick it gets all watered down. (this is sounding all stupid and like i’m rambling even to ME so i’m thinking you must be bored to tears! who cares if my diet coke gets watered down, right?? hang in there – there IS a point – not that it’s really worth the wait or anything – but i DO have an ending…..) well….here’s my “no way” thing like the title suggests….i would also love a commercial ice machine in my home. great for my diet coke/smoothies/just munching on ice….the ice in the door of the fridge just don’t get it! one of the options SAYS crush – but it’s not really that effective – (maybe i just have a dumb fridge?) =D OR i could buy ice but they don’t sell it crushed. so imagine my surprise and immense joy when i am checking out at walmart and hear an employee ask the lady behind me if she would like her ice crushed. yee haw!!! she has purchased a bag of ice and he brings it to her and politely asks, “ma’am, would you like your ice crushed?” i am in heaven!!! i am heading to the ice machine to get my own bag so i can follow him to the ice crushing machine – i had no clue they had one – what a fabulous find!!! she says yes….and i am stunned – blown away – shocked – to see the employee respond – ‘okay” and then throw her bag of ice on the ground in the middle of the walmart isle and stomp on it. pick it up = throw it down again….and then hand it to her, say politely “there you go!” and walk off. BOTH she and i could have won a “mouth gaping wide open” contest!!! she looked at me very bewildered and said “um….i wouldn’t get your ice crushed.” dang right i wont! =D  ready for the witty furniture tie-in??????  i was astounded and shocked by the “ice crushing machine”  YOU can be astounded and shocked if you come to rethunk junk and behold the beauty and talent and low prices – ha!!!

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