normal? probly not….

so let me preface this with the following disclaimers….

i have five children.  i love love love them….but somedays that seems like a lot   =D

they are five GOOD children.  i love love love them …..but somedays not so much – bah ha ha

well…this week is winter break for school.  so my five children are home all day.  all five.  all day.  home.  together.  all day.   =D   USUALLY this is fabulous.  time filled with chores being done spontaneously, hugs being passed out randomly, love being expressed at every turn, acts of service popping up faster than i can count them, basically heaven on earth over here.  that’s USUALLY….then there are those other little bitty moments.  moments when i look up and realize that the reason everything is running so smoothly is that the teenagers in the family are still in bed….at TWO P.M????   moments when i hear a blood curdling scream and run with the first aid kit to find out someone is upset that they can’t watch their choice of tv shows.   moments when i walk into the kitchen and do my own blood curdling scream as i initally assume a tornado has ripped thru the house and then realize my children have just fixed lunch and then walked away, leaving the debris strewn area for ME to clean up.   so yesterday….emma came into our bedroom and here is the conversation she had with her father….


yes emma?

i need some help on the computer!

whatcha need sweetie?

i need to go on stopbullying.com

excuse me?

yes dad!  stopbullying.com  they told us about it at school and i need to get on there.

why honey?

i need to report matthew and katie.  they have been bullying me and they must be reported.  bullying of any kind cannot be tolerated.  we learned that.

oh.  well.  do you think we could work it out another way?

um. no dad.  we can’t.  i have given them LOTS of chances.  it’s time to stop this bullying.  i am going to report them….and i am also going to read the section we learned about that helps us with “coping techniques”  (she actually said that!) so i can be in control of this situation.  so could you log me on before i get bullied again?

at this point i am envisioning my children being hauled off to “joovie”  =D  kicked out of the public schools and huge hospital bills for all of emma’s injuries….

tom, for once, was rather speechless.  he made up some excuse about being busy and luckily she forgot all about it. upon further investigation we discovered that the bullying consisted of matthew and katie not allowing her to play the xbox game she wanted to play…. but i was reminded for a brief moment that my kids are rotten?  no…i think they’re probly pretty amazing!!  (aren’t mom’s supposed to brag???)  and pretty normal the rest of the time!

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