not a good start….

so a couple of days – yes that’s right – a couple of DAYS before christmas, my dear spouse decides that it would be lovely to turn the screened porch into a rec room for the kids.   well…um….nice thought but ridiculous timing!!!!   here we are a couple of days before christmas and all of the furniture i had stored on the screen porch is  strewn assunder (great vocab words, huh?) and he is on his hands and knees leveling a new floor and ripping out screens and tossing insulation to and fro!  i am supposed to be finishing all the shopping while i choose the window size, carpet, paint color and furnishings for the room!  sheesh!   so i leave one day to find  – heck – who knows why i left – probly to go somewhere and take a deep breath and try and recall at least a few reasons why i married this man?????????  during this same period of time i have given my man a wee to do list of little projects i would like finished in my boodwar!  (i was thrilled to find that my parents were coming to visit over the holidays and wanted things to look lovely when they came….)  so i was hoping when i came home this particular day to walk into my bedroom and be stunned and moved with gratitude at what my own personal handyman had accomplished.  instead…..i gracefully sway thru the french doors to my bedroom with “thank you” on my lips…..and find…that my dear honey…..IS IN BED?!?!?   with the sweetest tone i can muster i screech “what in the name of all that is good on the earth are you doing in bed?????”   (i personally recall rushing to his side to see if everything was okay….but the rest of the family remembers it differently so whatever!)  and  i find upon further inquiry that tom has been hanging drywall in the new rec room.  with my 12 year old.  i calmy resist the urge to ask why he was not in the bedroom as instructed working on THAT list…(the rest of the family remembers it differently but whatever!) and am informed that tom fell off the ladder, landed on a solid wood (and rather chunky) chair and cracked three ribs and bruised his kidney.   well.    dang.    i tell him how sorry i am and ask what i could do to help alleviate his pain and am near tears with sadness and sympathy  (the rest of the family remembers it differently….but whatever!).   i did find this struggle within me of compassion blended with told-you-so blended with love mixed with frustration.   i am so very evil.  we spent the evening concocting a story about tom trying a back flip off the ladder as he practiced his impressive but ususally private gymnastic moves since that sounded much more exciting than the truth.  and he has spent most of the new year trying to not to move, laugh, cough, sit, bend, lay or breathe.  not a good start to 2012.   but i must admit i love him.  really really love him!!!

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