oh no!

okay…..so i have touched on this before….but i am getting seriously stressed about the fact that it SEEMS like my daughter isn’t going to drop the issue…and she SEEMS to actually expect that we will let her get her driver’s license!  really?   how does anyone ever ever put their baby behind the wheel of a vehicle and say to them….”see you later – you go out on the dangerous roads with your tiny amount of experience and your teenager brain and have a blast sweetie!”   i remember my first time driving off on my very own.  after promising my parents i would follow every traffic rule ever made plus the 17 they made up on their own….and swearing that i would stay at least 15 miles UNDER the posted speed limit…..i drove off….and as soon as i rounded the corner and was out of eyesight…..i floored that little mustang of mine, rolled down the window, stuck my head out and giggled like a 6 year old – till a bug flew in my mouth.   then i got a little more serious.  i truly think my parents prayed that bug into my mouth!!

the scary part is that no matter how careful she is….it’s the OTHER drivers out there that i have to worry about too!  driver’s like me.  heehee    one of my only two wrecks (not bad considering i am 21 and have been driving for 5 years now) ocurred in my own driveway.   it was NOT – of course – my fault…..but since tom parked his car behind mine, carefully manuevering it into my blind spot and then sneaking inside without telling me, i managed to back into one of our cars with our other car.  i had a wreck involving both of our own vehicles.  not one i am very proud of…..tom still brings that up occasionally.

the other scary part is that when you factor in family….and the skills (or lack of skills) she inherits from us (and when i say us i don’t mean ME)….it’s downright frightening.  common sense should be an integral part of the driving experience, am i right???  well tom’s mom had a little truck once….gas gauge broke….needle was stuck at half a tank.  she would fill it and it never moved….so she decided that it must be the Lord.  He must be filling her tank and it was a matter of faith…so she quit filling her tank….driving on faith.  now, i am a woman of faith myself….but i feel quite certain the Lord has other things to attend to and we are – naturally – required to fill our own tanks (that could be a very deep and philosophical topic there if you choose to discuss it in your homes!)   so she seriously drove around on faith and a prayer.   and got pretty good gas mileage for exactly how long it took her to use up the gas in the tank and RUN OUT.   that kind of common sense being passed on to my soon-to-be-driving daughter is just scary.

lastly….i am a bit stressed that my dad didn’t teach her to drive.  my dad has nerves of steel.  and nothing seems to scare him.  the fact that he still loves me after teaching me to drive a stick shift guarantees him a spot in heaven (next to my mother in law who will be driving around up there on fumes but with faith in her heart – ha!).  i remember crying and stressing while dad patiently and firmly insisted that i learn how to drive.  he took me to a hill in Lexington KY where i grew up that – no joke – was completely vertical and the plan was that when we got to the red light i would be tested on my shifting skills.  gotta ease up on the brake and shift into first without rolling into the innocent driver behind me.   well we get to the light and BAM- prayers ARE answered – it was green.   dad?  “go around the block honey – let’s try this again”   crud!   so i go around the block and BAM – Lord still loving me – it’s green!  ha!  dad”  “go around the block honey – let’s try this again”.   about the fourth trip around the block i am trying to decide how to explain to my father that he is actually going against the will of the Almighty here…when….dang it….the light turns red.  how dad could sit there so calmly while i planned my apology to the car behind us and wondered if all the insurance info was truly in the glove box is beyond me!   i should be HALF that controlled and loving!!!   he soooooooooo should have been involved in my daughter’s driving instruction!!!

but alas – it was me – wrecker-of-my-own-two-vehicles……descendant of “let-me-just-drive-with-faith-in-the-tank” …..and tom and i doing the teaching…..both of our vehicles almost have openings in the passenger side that lead to the street from where we have frantically braked FOR her.    all i can say is that i am TOTALLY praying for that bug in the mouth!!!!!!

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