this week something happened….and i have pulled a muscle (didn’t know you could pull something hidden so deep!!!)  OR more likely – based on my lack of muscle – i have pinched a nerve.  to be more exact…the sciatic nerve.  located….er…well…in my hiney.  based on the size of my hiney it must be a ginormous nerve.   which explains the horrific amount of discomfort.  i’m not joking about that part!  it REALLY REALLY hurts!!!  i am amazed – seriously amazed at the things i cannot do right now.   until this week the biggest “pain in my rear” had been tom – bah ha ha – but now….whoa!  this is awful!!!  getting into and out of bed would be a winner video on “americas funniest home video’s” for sure!!  it takes about 20 minutes and three to four really good screams.  walking up and down the stairs in our home is a true testament to how powerful the anchors must be holding that hand rail onto the wall!!!  if any of you have had this silly little thing happen to YOU….then you know that if you find JUST the exact right position, then you’re okay….vary from that particular stance for even a millimeter any direction and it feels like you’re being knifed!  and i find that pain shoots down my leg and my leg gets tingly and numb – yucky feeling!  sitting at the dinner table is tricky – probly the only plus in this whole experience!!!  =D    i have had a horrible time working.  if i bend over exactly right i’m okay…..so i have been painting by bending over a piece and walking around it thus looking like i am about 139 years old.  getting in and out of the shower is ridiculous (TMI, right?)  sadly – it seems impossible to cook, or clean, or do laundry….(half my day today was spent in mourning over that discovery)  hee hee  running a vacuum?  out of the question!  biggest issue???  alas….i fear this little injury could get in the way of my valentine’s day “festivities”…..ha!  no all night partying in this condition.  (when my children read this i feel quite certain they will be nauseated beyond help).  =D  guess i’ll have to stay in bed and recieve all the gifts of roses, chocolates, jewelry and spa gift certificates from the comfort of my boodwar!

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