We now carry our own line of paint…no sanding or priming necessary!! Wonderfully easy to use…..professional results!  its a very simple three step process….

step one….the prep…..wipe on…and wipe off….removes all oils and buildup and prepares piece to be painted   $7.00

step two….the paint… jump right in and start painting.   dries quickly and usually covers in two coats.  distressed fabulously…powders off for an authentic aged look   $24.00

step three…the polish…you can finish/seal your piece with polyurethane (which i only use when i do a dining room table or something getting that kinda intense wear and tear) or furniture polish (my favorite is Guardsman….no build up….just spray on and wipe) OR you can purchase a glaze or a wax to age and seal your piece   $9.00

questions?  feel free to email!  i’m happy to answer any questions and share the wee bit i know  =D

or i teach three classes a month at woodstock market (5500 bells ferry road in acworth)   class is $75.00 and includes one bottle of prep and one quart of paint.  you bring a paintbrush and a piece to paint and i supply everything else.  you’ll leave with a finished and fabulous piece of furniture.   classes are the second tuesday of each month from 6-8 pm….the second wednesday of each month from 11am – 1pm and the second saturday of each month from 11am – 1pm.  just email me if you’d like a spot…i try to keep the class size around 10 people.
We have twelve gorgeous colors right now….  i have listed each of them seperately under the paint category and i’m currently working on posting examples of pieces painted with each color…..there is a display with color samples at woodstock market also.
Gray Mist
French Vanilla
Barn Door
Robins Egg
Spring Meadow
Peacock Feather
Patriot Blue


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  1. Misty Fletcher
    Misty Fletcher says:

    Hi! I would like to buy some prep, polish & semisweet & french vanilla paints….how do I go about doing that? Thanks!

  2. Kathy Aldridge
    Kathy Aldridge says:


    Did I read this correctly – is it okay to use Guardsman furniture polish to SEAL the paint instead of using paste wax?
    Would you use the Guardsman to clean and maintain the piece?

    Can you use Guardsman for maintenance regardless of whether you used Guardsman or paste wax to seal the piece?

    Thank you.


    • Admin
      Admin says:

      You need to come to the paint class! 🙂
      You can use guardsman to clean and protect…..if its a piece that will get tons of use like a dining table I use polyurethane. Otherwise the guardsman is as effective as a wax.

  3. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Hi Laura!

    We are painting a crib and dresser with the hope of a dark navy color. I applied 2 coats of the Denim blue before I saw your video on mixing paint to get a darker color! Am I able to add more coats to get that darker color after I have already painted the pieces? I tried using the dark glaze, but I think I like the look of the darker color better.

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      We sure are – also have lots of other locations – check out our website store locator for a spot near you!

    • Laura Whitlow
      Laura Whitlow says:

      we are not technically a chalk paint cause there’s no powder in our formula. we don’t require waxing. so we’re actually better than a chalk paint – haha we do have all the great features of chalk paint in that there is so sanding no priming) let me know if that helps 🙂 thanks!!

  4. Dina
    Dina says:

    How Can I order your paint? There isn’t a location close by me. The two locations within an hour close before I get off work.


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