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so i’m doing this post mostly to give my dear romantically challenged sexpot a heads up that valentine’s day is fast approaching.  fast.  real fast.  and i thought i’d share some of my fond memories of valentine’s day.  the holiday of love and romance.   first is my memory of getting a heart shaped box of chocolates every year since i was a little girl from my dad.  it means the world to me.  in fact every year since i have left home he has mailed me a box of chocolates to wherever i have lived.  i have gotten boxes of chocolates from my first valentine in kentucky, arkansas, tennessee, and georgia.  few things have made me feel as loved.   then there’s our family tradition of having a “red dinner”.  everything we eat has to be red – and you have to come wearing red – and we set the table with red.  (we allow all shades of red – sometimes branching into pink)  =D  (i will say my kids have outlawed red chicken and dumplings  – said they looked like brains – yuck!  and when i tried to capture the feeling over st. patricks day they said the green dinner just looked gross)  here are some photos from last years red dinner….

(it was a close call here…..did i collect the bribes offered to NOT post the lips photo – thus becoming independently wealthy for life…..or just enjoy the immense feeling of satisfaction in knowing that i have put this particular photo on the world wide web….haha)

then there’s the  fond memories of all the jewels….and chocolates….and love notes i have recieved from my honey.  oh.   wait.   um….he DOES do the chocolates thing….but has discovered that they are on sale for FIFTY PERCENT OFF the day AFTER valentine’s day.   and why would someone who paints constantly need jewelry?  and it’s obvious that he loves me….why jot it down once a year?   well….he’s kinda right.  i don’t even need the chocolates!!!  i have a special friend who makes jewelry and i get my “fix” from her when i want to dress up  – and tom’s right – i don’t do that very often.  and lastly – when i think of all the time he spends fixing drawers, carrying furniture, working on our house, fixing the kids lunches and doing the car pool so i can sleep a little, doing the laundry and the ironing cause he wants to give me a break, bringing me a diet coke every time he walks thru door, running me bubble baths when he thinks i’m extra tired and sore….well….he’s right.  there really is no need for him to jot down his thoughts.  i feel very very lucky and very very loved!!!


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