pretty great!

today is tom’s birthday…and he would now be…..17 plus 30 minus 4 then add 3  =D

(now go back and read that again in a “singsong” type voice as it is a carefully crafted RHYME!!)

he is sexier and more fabulous today than when i met him 31 years ago in 10th grade biology class.  (i – of course – was placed in an advanced class and was merely 3 years old at the time….!).   we were talking about all the birthdays we have celebrated together and decided things have been pretty cruddy.  ha!  totally kidding!  we have shared a LOT!

i woke up to 16 pink roses outside my bedroom on my 16th birthday

tom has had several “treasure hunts” (he HATES those) to find birthday presents

we have woken up to fire alarms as the kids try to treat us to breakfast in bed on our birthdays

tom feels that two liters should just have a handle as they are only a single serving…so one year he got 38 two liters for his birthday….seemed like a good idea till i had to load them up in a shopping cart and lug them to the van…..  =(

one of my favorite gifts was the police “uniform” from matthew who – when i opened it – promptly announced that it would not fit me and he’d be happy to take it off my hands….would have been easy to think he might have “preplanned” that one!

tom was thrilled one year to recieve a set of light sabers….and of course the giver was all too eager to take one back and the most hysterical version of star wars followed!

bottom line?  i am so grateful and so happy and so thrilled that tom is still having birthdays and that we are still sharing them together!!!!  happy birthday sexy!!!!

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