so for several years now my son matthew has been requesting a snow cone machine. (couple side notes here…. it brings great joy to my life to announce on the WORLD WIDE WEB that my 14 year old SON wants a snow cone machine….fabulously effective way to completely humiliate him – wouldn’t you say? good thing his friends have no interest whatsoever in my blog! and secondly….it is a tad bit embarrassing to say that he has wanted a snow cone machine for two years and we have not “sprung” for one until now….but anywho….)

so we bring home the aforementioned box of excitement and the family is all atwitter. =D we are planning on how fabulously refreshing the snow cones will be.
we are discussing flavors…
and we are already stressing about what we’re going to do when summer is over and they don’t sell the syrup anymore since it’s a seasonal item.

now….a NORMAL family would unbox the party-starting appliance and plug her in – drop in some ice…and let the good times roll!! ice comes shooting out of the little “ice-shooting-out-hole” – fills the cup – pour the syrup on and voila! happiness in a cup!!! but alas,….we are not even CLOSE to being a normal family. so here’s how OUR scenario plays out.

we unbox the party-starting appliance and plug her in. while trying not to drool on the machine, we drop in some ice…and let the good times roll!

we repeatedly push the button but nothing. we all take turns pushing the button…as if the family member before us had a learning disability and was not pushing the button correctly. “here – let ME try” is a phrase that was yelled in our kitchen approximately 327 times in a matter of about 3 minutes. finally tom – head of the home (not) – fixer of all that is broken(not) – appliance guru (not) comes to the rescue. he looks over our snow cone machine…and as we all stand around watching….announces that it is broken. wow. ok. uh….a COUPLE of us had actually already figured this much out. (how? you ask? well as we pushed the button and no ice came out – no motor started – those of us who are really gifted just assumed there was an issue) so what did my man do???? he FIXED IT!!! here….in full color photos….is how he fixed it!

here is the “right outta the box” shot…..

out of the box

here we have a shot of the tools necessary to make OURS work…. note the addition of a PAINTBRUSH???? and a plastic fork…..

necessary tools

and finally…. – the contraption in action =D

this is how you do it

at this point most families would return the machine. not us. at this point all the families who did not return the machine would have decided to “go out” for icees or slushies. not us. we need a snow cone….and we need it NOW!!!!

so as tom explains to us all….this is how you do it…..(if i could set this post to music that’s the song i would play….”this is how you do it”….remember that one? does that date me or what??) so he says – this is no big deal….the little spot on top that pushes down the thing that starts the motor is broken (sometimes he’s so technical i have a hard time understanding – ba ha ha) so – says tom – you just push the button down with this fork – and at the same time you hold the paintbrush here and push it down – and that leaves your other hand free to hold a cup! no big deal! RIGHT!! it’s worse than handling chop stix… trying to push both a paint brush and a plastic fork into two tiny holes …with equal pressure…..and only using one hand!?!? – very frustrating….and i get so hacked off because as i focus on the ninja fork/paintbrush move, i move my cup and spill any ice that slowly drizzles out. it’s CRAZY DYSFUNCTION! why can’t we just purchase a snow cone machine that works????????????? REALLY???????

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